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All that glitters this Christmas is not BT broadband or Customer Service

Hi - I was supposed to be connected to BT broadband on the 23rd December. Despite many texts and emails the connection failed and so I called BT on the 24th to report the fault. BT sent an engineer on the 27th who advised the connection had been made to the wrong cabinet. BT have now advised that they need to close the current connection (or account) and then set up a new one. BT have advised that it's impossible to get an Openreach engineer out until the 3rd January. I believe Ofgem state that Openreach should respond to 80% faults within 2 days. I can understand that I may not be lucky enough to be one of the 80% but I'm not asking for roads to be dug up - it sounds like a very standard process. In addition, Gavin Patterson's office have advised it could take an additional 2 weeks to then get me connected (BT Customer Service team won't commit to any timings). So I will be left without broadband for a month! All they have suggested is that they will give me £30 towards a dongle - they cost a minimum of £58 for 5GB (not the unlimited that I had ordered with BT). Looking at the internet it is quicker to actually move to a new provider. However, BT have advised they won't release me from my current contract. Has anyone experienced this from BT? Writing to Gavin Petterson doesn't help as a Customer Service Exec just calls and thinks it's reasonable I wait 7 days for an Openreach engineer.
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Re: All that glitters this Christmas is not BT broadband or Customer Service

Welcome to this user forum.


Is your phone line working?


What did you order, normal broadband or BT Infinity?


Normal broadband comes from the exchange, not the cabinet.


Are you in a new build property?



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