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Alternative router required...

Just had BT infinity 2 installed 2 weeks ago and this home hub 5 keeps dropping wifi conections and the speed drops to 23mb 17mb 12mb 8mb.. the engineer tested at install and i was getting 66mb ..... So i'm willing to try a new router any ideas what to use in its place.. thanks.

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Re: Alternative router required...

You will need to get a VDSL modem/router or an Openreach modem and a router with a WAN connection. If you stick to the brand names such as Netgear, TP-Link , Asus and Billion you won't go wrong.


Before spending money have you made sure that "Smart Set Up" is turned off on the HH5. See link how to do that.


Try giving the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies different SSids. Just add a 5 to the end of the 5Ghz SSid so you know which is which. Check the 5 GHz Sync with 2.4 GHz: is set to NO.

Once you have done that "forget" the connection on your devices and then restart them and log onto both SSids if they can use both frequencies.

See this link


Also you could download and install inSSIDer which is a program that will scan for and show wireless networks.

See link for inSSIDer

This will show you the wireless channels that your Homehub/router is transmitting on as well as the surrounding networks. You want to take a note of the channels in use and change your Homehub onto a channel that is not being used. this will turn off "smart wireless" which can cause problems.

See Link how to do that.

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Re: Alternative router required...

The HomeHub5 is little more than a child's toy. Absolutely useless and full of bugs. Port forwarding is a joke.


I just bought the cheapest VDSL router I could find (ZTE H168N) and plugged it in. Couldn't believe the difference!


The only tricks you need to know are;

1) Ensure you enable a VLAN of 101

2) Use the username ""

3) There is no password, but I needed to type a single SPACE in this field to get it to connect.


I now have a properly working network which includes DLNA and X-box with fully open NAT.


The thing I don't understand is that it clearly is not about price; this thing was only £40. So why on earth is HH5 so utterly useless??

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