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Amazon Prime on BT TV Box - Unuseable

Amazon Prime is unusable on my BT TV Box. The UI is ridiculously slow and when you finally get to view something the app crashes or the remote is completely ignored. I can't fast forward, pause etc and half the time I cant even turn the box off.

Is there a way to update the app?

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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box - Unuseable

Hi @193khr,

Welcome to the Community Forums 🙂,

I am sorry to see that you have problems with the Prime app.

You can find out how to update the apps by following this advice: How to update BT TV apps 

It's possible that you may need to reset your BT TV box but, bear in mind that, it may delete all of your recordings depending on the reset option you choose.



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Re: Amazon Prime on BT TV Box - Unuseable

Also, when you do get it working you get the problem of 60Hz material being output at 50Hz causing noticeable judder.  Is there a similar setting on the BT TV that Sky Q uses to output 60Hz material? Unless you have some form of framerate switching apps on BT TV are a bit pointless.

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