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Amazon prime

I have a BT Box, and an amazon prime account. I have registered my amazon prime account to the box, but if I try to play any content that’s only available with prime, I get the error message “something went wrong. For more help go to”. I can play amazon prime trailers on the tv, all other Tv box apps work perfectly (so it’s not a bandwidth issue), and can stream amazon prime content on my other devices. If I go to the suggested link it doesn’t lead anywhere useful, I end up being advised to speak to BT. I’ve tried deleting and re-registering the prime account on the tv app. And the issue has been there for several months, I’ve just never tried to fix it. 
Any ideas? It’s really frustrating as I should be able to view amazon prime content on my tv really easily 

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Re: Amazon prime

Hi @Dannyroff, I'm sorry to see you're having problems with the Amazon Prime app on your BT TV box. I'd recommend you try updating the players and apps to see if that helps. 

  • Settings > Software Information > Update players and apps
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Re: Amazon prime

Done that. Makes no difference unfortunately 

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Re: Amazon prime

There's no reason why it shouldn't work unless you're logging in with the wrong credentials, are you using the same credentials on the BT box as you are on your other devices?

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