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American layout

I'm going to have to be pedantic. But it is annoying to have date groupings in an American format when this is a British Telecom email.


With the latest version of BT Yahoo email, my inbox is now grouped by 'Today', Yesterday', 'Last week', 'Earlier in May' etc.. (an unnecessary categorisation if you ask me).  The one that bugs me is that 'Last week' is defined as Saturday and the new week starting on Sunday, in the American style.  In the UK the new week begins on Monday.


Told you it was pedantic.


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Re: American layout

Welcome to the forum. To be pedantic, I would point out that the company has not been called British Telecom for nearly 25 years.Smiley Wink


I share your annoyance but, alas, creeping Americanisation is passively being allowed in the UK on the back of globalisation, of which BT's reliance on US email platforms is a small part. Those of us who care about that will have our own pedantic pet hates. One of mine is hearing something like, "Can I get a skinny latte?" - in proper English "get" means" "fetch", not "have". The twisting of dates is another - the disaster they glibly call "9/11" actually occurred in September.


That's my Sunday off to a grumpy start.

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Re: American layout

It may be that you don't have the settings set to English (UK). I am no longer on BTYahoo mail so I don't know if this is still the way to check but it used to work in Yahoo  


1. Login your BTYahoo mail
2. Move your mouse near the top right hand corner where there is a round thing that looks like a wheel
3. A menu will automatically appear
4. Click Account Info
5. A new window pops up
6. Enter your password if required
7. When the screen changes, scroll down to Account Settings
8. Click Set language, site and time zone
9. Select English (United Kingdom) from the Available Languages  
10. Click the button to Save
11. Sign out BTYahoo mail
12. Login again and the date should be in UK format now

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