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Android - HTC One X - HH3 - Wifi/Wifi Fon Connection Issues

Hi All.


I am having a problem (like several others on this forum) with my android HTC One X connecting to my HH3.


I have the BT Fon app installed, I'm running on android JB, but the problem also existed with the previous android version ICS.


The problem is this -


When at home, my HTC shows it is connected to WiFi, but when I try and access online content e.g. Twitter - I am unable to retrieve apps, or unable to connect to the internet / emails etc.  If however I switch off Wifi then reconnect I am able to get my online content.  My phone is set to use 3G if WiFi not available but 3G never comes on as the phone thinks it is connected to Wifi.


When I go into my Wifi settings on the phone it shows 3 Wifi connections -  my BT Home Hub, a BT Wifi-with_FON and a BT Wifi.  I have tried deleting (forgetting) the latter two connections but they keep coming backm and I have also set the later two as 'blocked notification', but the problem still exists.


My BT Wifi App is set to 'Prioritise Your wifi networks' I have tried both static and non static IP connections.  I have also tried restarting and resetting the router, but none of these solutions resolves the problem.


I also received an email from BT today to say that for this month I have used over 8000 minutes of WiFi on BT Fon!  There is no way I have used this amount of WiFi through external Fon connections so it must be coming from the phone connecting to BT Fon while at home!


NB 8000 minutes is 133 hours which is 5.5 days!  - No way have I used that about of Wifi out of the house.  I don't have any Wifi Fon connections at work.


I suppose the next task to try will be to switch off BT Fon all together and see what happens but not really an ideal solution.


Any suggestions? 

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Re: Android - HTC One X - HH3 - Wifi/Wifi Fon Connection Issues

Hi rugbyandroid and welcome


I've also had big issues with the app:(, but as my phone is rooted I can freeze the BTWifi App when it's not needed and my phone works perfectly.


Even when I connect to a BTWifi hotspot, it tends to be very hit and miss.


If you've not tried already, can you untick the 'connect to open networks' (if you have ticked it in the first place) and see if it then works?



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Re: Android - HTC One X - HH3 - Wifi/Wifi Fon Connection Issues

Like DS, many people have had problems with the BT app. I found the old BT Fon one to be worse than useless though the current BT WiFi one is better. 


Do you need wifi permanently switched on? HTC have some useful settings widgets to let you to see with a glance at the home screen whether various functions (including wifi) are running, and to switch them on or off with one touch. Switching wifi and other functions on only when needed is no hassle and certainly helps keep the battery running longer.

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Re: Android - HTC One X - HH3 - Wifi/Wifi Fon Connection Issues

Try turning data setting off when you need to have wi fi on.

There are different types of dsta packaging on air, and with data, bt wi fi and fon all active your phone might be continually trying to pick up the strongest packet. I had this issue with a HTC windows phone.
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