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Angry and disillusioned - Dreadful pre-sales support received

For the best part of a week I have been trying to Sign Up as a new customer to BT, unsuccessfully. 


Firstly, I work full time Monday to Friday like many others, so the available slots for an Engineer to come to my house and (probably not even need to enter at all) fix me up with my new line are impossible. With just one half day I could take use of (2nd of June), it became aparent quite quickly I wouldn't be able to complete the order. 


So I spoke with someone on web chat, who told me to finish the order anyway and then call in to arrange a more suitable time. I rang in and was passed from pillar to post through expensive phone menus to eventually find a chap who said he would get in touch with the team responsible and see if getting my order pushed forward was possible. 


He hung up on me upon his return. 


He never rang me back.


The phone call isn't even on record. The next woman I spoke with (after calling back myself I might add - this should have been a return phone call from YOU guys!) had no idea who he was or what his name was. Just some mystery BT phone guy I suppose. a Vigilante. Needless to say, this new lady on the phone wasn't interested in seeing if my visit could be brought forward to the only time I can muster - 2nd of June AM. She just told me to go away, and cancelled my order. 


BT, I am trying to become a paying customer of yours. The service so far is so far beyond unacceptable it borders in to the laughable. 

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Re: Angry and disillusioned - Dreadful pre-sales support received

Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.
Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them
They will contact you personally by email or phone  


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Re: Angry and disillusioned - Dreadful pre-sales support received

Hi misterleroy,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting!


I'm sorry for the problems you're having.  I'm going to be completely honest and say an appointment for 02/06/2014 between 08:00-13:00 looks highly unlikely as that's this Monday coming.


If you send your details over to us we'll give you a shout back and chat you about it over the phone?  Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link you'll see the link to get in touch.





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