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Announcing bt infinity

I cant get bt infinity where I live but about 50meters down the road my friend has just got it and I have been trying to get it for ages and they said I would be able to get it way back in September (its march now) and I still cant get it can bt get there act together and lay the wire that extra 50meters so I can have fast Internet(my average Internet at the moment is 112kb per sec I might as well have dial up it is just stupidly slow) so bt LAY THOSE WIRES PLEASE its getting stupid now.

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Re: Announcing bt infinity

Are you in a FTTP area? Your area is probably using FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) which feeds pure fibre from the exchange to a cabinet. BT installs a new FTTC cabinet beside the original one and it depends how close you are to this and this will determine whether or not you will get fibre. If you type your telephone number in to this site what results does it come back with? Copy and paste it in here and blank out your telephone number. Jack
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Re: Announcing bt infinity

There are no wires to lay as it uses your existing phone line back to the local green bt street cabinet it becomes fibre from there it is possible you are connected to a different cabinet that has not been updated for fibre this may happen in the future or you may be unlucky and be on one of the cabinets that will not be upgraded as some for technical reasons cannot be
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