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Annoying BT drop down window!!!!

Can anyone help with a persistent and annoying BTSmiley Mad drop down window!

I keep getting this drop down window saying we have detected a problem with you broadband/email, do you want us to fix or ignore! With the fault type as - 0K 800 CCCOF - but when I first starting clicking on the fix button, it goes to the BT broadband desktop help, checks my email program and low and behold comes back with the result 'we can find nothing wrong and all is well' I have now consequently just been clicking the 'ignore' button as it's a pain in the neck the time it takes just to tell me there is nothing wrong!!!

Please someone tell me how I can get rid of this thing, by the way my email is Outlook!Smiley Mad

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Re: Annoying BT drop down window!!!!


If you do a search for Deskttop help on the forums you will find a lot of people with problems, and the advice generally is to "Uninstall desktop help". As you have found out, it can be NO help at all.


If you still wish to use it, then please say so and I am sure that someone on the forums will come along and try and assist you.



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