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Annoying International Phone Calls

Recently we have started getting annoying phone calls from International Numbers, when it calls the caller display says (International:Unavailable) but these phone calls are happening 2 or 3 times a day now. Just wondering how I can go about blocking these kind of calls, or is it just a case of ignoring them. 

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls


I get a lot of calls from international numbers too. Most are indian call centres telling me about a government scheme to wipe out my debts or collecting for poor children in the Phillipines. I try to answer all my calls and actively engage in conversation with the caller wishing them a good day, asking them if the weather is nice, do they have a family, where they live, do they enjoy their job and anything else that draws them away from their script. I try to keep them talking as long as possible as most call centres have allocated amounts of time per call and eventually they give up when they realise the conversation is going nowhere. If I can keep them talking for say 10 minutes then that is 10 minutes that they can't hassle someone else.

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

Good idea about keeping them talking. I am now receiving calls from numbers such as 01159413838, or similar. I have looked round and these type of numbers are reported as "pest" phone calls, normally from so called companies asking for you details. So best not to answer them really, I am registered with TPS. 

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

Unfortunately the international call centres are outside the remit of UK law so TPS doesn't help with them.

It would be a great help if BT were to upgrade its local exchanges so that the callerIDs of international numbers were to be displayed, so that we could identify our friends calling from overseas and ignore the other calls.

BT's network often receives the caller ID but generally doesn't pass it on if the call comes from a foreign network. If you divert your incoming calls to your mobile you may see the international caller's true ID displayed; an unfortunately expensive way of screening your calls!
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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

BT do not always receive the calling line identity from other countries as there is not an international standard for CLI so it may have been received but not in a format that the BT system recognises.

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

I recieve a large number of calls also - and I'm sure I get more than anyone! As our surname begins with an A..


I have not found a way to stop these calls from India. The problem we have is that some of our family live in the US, Spain, and France.


BT - Is it possible to block calls coming in from specific countries? If not, can this be looked at please. Over time this does get mentally tiresome, and we're at a point of disconecting the house phone, and using mobiles only.


What can you suggest?

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

This was my reply to another post but I do think it covers some of the points on here


Choose to refuse ond Anonymous Call Reject would only work where the number is available or has been withheld.


Where the 1471 message says "We do not have the caller's number ...'  there is no way of stopping these calls.


BT Privacy is an idea where you can have Caller ID free and they will register with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unsolicitated marketing calls. 


Where calls originate outside the UK then its a case of picking them up on Caller ID and ignoring them.


Further points


I don't believe you can bar calls from specific countries.


Unfortunately with automatic diallers they call numbers at random.  When they get an answer they know the line is active and will perservere.  I suppose ignoring the first call is the one to stop the barrage of calls.



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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

Truecall really doe`s what it says on the box, can be bought a bit cheaper from Amazon, BT no longer sell it,


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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

Another idea is to use different blocking apps, there are so many nowadays. Sure it works for cell phones only, but it's the best way and 100% efective. I had several foreign guys calling me and my girlfriend every single day and threatening into paying money for a payday loan I never took. I applied online to those quick loan places as I have been out of work for over a year, but I never took any of the loans. And we saw this segment on the morning about these scam artists from Pakistan making call to people who applied online for the quick loans and started harassing them the same way they are doing to us. The one guy that called me the most actually threatened physical punishment and started using really foul language to me. Accidentally I found Call Control app and downloaded it on my BB phone. I do not have any problems now.

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Re: Annoying International Phone Calls

Why do boxes like Truecall even need to exist is what we should be asking - no, DEMANDING an answer to - when there is already a company we pay every month as manager/gatekeeper of the phone line: BT.

BT fully have the power to give people the option to block international/unknown calls if they want to but don't and even removed True Call from their site as OldGold said. To me it seems they are acting very cynically, since they do deal with harassing phone calls in a way... Instead of something HARD in having systems in place to cut off and report psychos (like even evil FACEBOOK has now! Google online harassment report button) - "where's the money in doing the right thing?" - they let you block numbers... Charged per number, of course. Preying on the desperate, scared and most vulnerable.

They COULD do the right thing and let people block international calls or specific numbers, but they are making too much money from the sheer volume of spam calls being made that they seem to have no motivation to do so - not seeming to notice or care that it puts people off landlines.

Usually the spam calls come from the same attack call centres repeatedly yet BT make no effort whatsoever to stop it because unlike internet companies like Google or Yahoo who are lightyears ahead of dealing with people like this, the broken system is set up in such a way that prolonging the status quo gives them bigger profits so there's no motivation to change things.

Ofcom exists too much in a dated world that doesn' exist anymore where phonecalls were the dominasting medium so they don't seem to care about getting companies in line with the modern age where there IS the technology to let people block these things IF the company wants to "allow" customers a right to not be harasses- at least in the short term, before people finish moving more and more to the internet and mobiles...