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Another BT Yahoo Calendar Problem

If I go into the Calendar in Monthly view & then click on the month at the top of the page to get to future monhs, the future months pages do not load correctly, the day numbers show but not the line markings or the events set.

The loading symbol at the top right of the page continues to go round.


However if I select a future month using the Calendar on the RHS all is OK.


Can anyone give idea for solving ?


Also is there a BT web site that I could contact to report this problem, Yahoo are not interested, & I can't find a BT site for Calendar problems

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Re: Another BT Yahoo Calendar Problem


Just had BT on the phone about this problem.

She started by saying her Calendar is working ok

Then said try another Browser, did this using Firefox, Calendar showed no problems

Her comment then was, so it must be an Internet Explorer problem. The Browser I am using.

No consideration that it may be a BT /Yahoo problem on interaction with IE8.

She then said I needed to contact Yahoo, I said I had done this & they said contact BT.


I told her this was just BT Buck passing, & why did she not say “We BT will contact Yahoo” she said they could not do this.


Would a Moderator like to comment on this lack of Service?

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