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Another Infinity Query

I live in a very, very remote area, 8.2 Kilometres from the nearest exchange, leaving me with incredibly slow broadband (in fact under a recent American definition I no longer have broadband).


A few weeks ago I noticed that the bigger, newer green box for infinity had gone up next to my local cabinet. I used the ADSL checker and found that my line was enabled to support a FTTC speed of about 14 megs, below the 15 meg cutoff point but more than enough for broadband option 3 with fibre.


So I rang up and asked, and they said that BT Infinity is DEFINITELY coming to my local cabinet which is a kilometre from where I live but that they didn't have a firm date for when it would go live.


However whenever I check the BT infinity website it says it's not scheduled to go live in my area. So on the one hand I've seen the equipment in place and the phone reps saying it's coming but on the other hand theres no sign of it going live and the website says no plans to activate it.


It's mostly the lack of information annoying me, anyone know why there is this contradiction?

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