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Another Smart Hub Disconnecting and Loss of Speed Issues


@Artemis47 wrote:

The Smart Hub has been installed for several weeks now & no, it has made no difference.  Hardly surprising since the problem is caused by the engineers contracted by BT (Openreach, now allegedly not part of BT, but since my contract is with BT it's still up to them to sort out their contractors) poking in the BT street boxes & in doing so, beggaring my connection.


For a few days now following another engineer, my connection has been mostly stable (I did register one dropout yesterday) & the speed acceptable, though not as fast as before.  However, I'm still not holding my breath as on Monday, you can guarantee that Openreach will be poking about in BT's street boxes again.

Goodness, Artemis47 - in describing your predicament you have described mine precisely, as if you were sitting in my chair, in my house and in my village, and shedding my tears of anger and frustration.  


My connection kept dropping, while coincidentally (or not) BT Openreach contractors (TeleC and TSL) dug holes in the ground, pulled wires around in an old cabinet located on the east side of the village and installed a brand new cabinet on the west side of the village.  BT arranged for an engineer to visit, and he arrived a day or so after the connection had stablilised but slowed down from 17/18mbs to 12 mbs. He carried out a cursory inspection of my internal set-up, changed a couple of filters and put a new face plate on the master socket. He then went on his way.


Like yours, my connection has remained mostly stable (as it had been a day before the engineer's visit) and like yours, the speed has reduced.  However, I'm not happy with the reduction, constituting as it does about 2/3 of the original speed. 


It seems I've had to sacrifice speed for stability, but still have to pay the same monthly fee. Of course, the BT Openreach work in the village may just have coincided with, and have no relevance to, my dropped connections and subsequent reduced speed; but like you I have a suspicion that the contractors will be visiting the villlage again some time soon; and I await their return with some trepidation. 



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Re: Another Smart Hub Disconnecting and Loss of Speed Issues

Hi @IandeBures and welcome.


I've moved your post as the thread you've posted on has been fixed. I'm sorry you're having problems with the connection. I'm sure we'll be able to help with this. Can you please try running a speed test on a cable connection and post the results? If the connection has remained stable DLM will take action and raise your profile over time.





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Re: Another Smart Hub Disconnecting and Loss of Speed Issues

I'll try again.  I replied earlier but when I went to post it, it said the original message couldn't be found.  Obviously, that's when the thread was moved.


My frustration tears have dried but I keep the tissue box handy.  My problem started in late April but it is only in the last 2 weeks that it seems to have remained stable & relatively high, it was 60 earlier, which is a tad lower than before all this nonsense started.  I'm still not holding my breath.


I'm not sure whether 5 or 6 engineers have been involved - one was supposed to come one day but he may just have 'worked' outside my house.  


Everything relating to broadband inside my house has been changed, from the main socket, the cable to my study which carries the broadband (apparently it was not the correct type of cable even though I've been with BT since we had those horrible things that made funny noises as they dialled.  Ie, BT should have changed that cable when I first paid for broadband).  Engineer 2 said that my hub (HomeHub 5) might be causing he trouble & updating it to a smart hub might help.  This I did at my own expense - only to be told a few weeks later that the new all singing, all dancing smart hub does not work with all exchanges, & I was requested to change back to my Home Hub 5, which I did.  it wasn't the hub - either of them.


When the problem happens again, BT will have to get their road drills out & sort the cabling outside my house, & maybe up to the exchange.


In the meantime, the only compensation I was offered about 2 months ago was £17 something.  I demanded BT at least refund to me the cost of the smarthub, but they refused.


My system was reliable & fast for a year or more before April this year, & I had changed nothing nor had any redecorating, etc done which might have adversely affected the connection.  All tests showed the problem to be located outside my home.  I would have left BT a couple of months ago but unfortunately, we are shafted by having to deal with a monopoly (still owned by BT as far as I'm concerned) on the lines down here so I couldn't see that I'd be any better off.


Anyway, I wish you luck.


Best wishes,

Artemis 47


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