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Another complaint about how my service issue is being dealt with

Yes truly a huge amount of false advertiseing going on by BT, how can they show you a advert that has its sole meaning to show how good their wi fi is ,  if in fact  they  do not actually  guarantee wi fi,   no doubt it will be in their terms and conditions,  plus the usual load of rubbish blaming every other electrical item in your home as the reason they will not guarantee,  this is blatant false advertiseing and needs to stop  now,

 not counting the fact if your hub goes down out of the warranty period,  they want you to pay for a new one,  even though you have  internet supplied  from them,  clearly  if  you  can not  get the internet  they are in breach of  their supply agreement,  after  many weeks of dropping internet some times for hours at a time,  I am now told  I need to buy a new  hub from them,  but they do not guarantee it will give me internet,  the world  especially  BT has  gone stark raving mad,   you can not profess to supply an internet service if  if  you can not deliver,  thats like me having a pizza company  but delivering empty boxes,  sayin  my terms and conditions do not guarantee their will be a pizza in  the  box,   need less to say  I will be switching to a much cheaper provider, hopefully they will have a half decent  hub,   since  by BT words  no one guarantees  you  will get  wi fi,  oh   this  lack of guarantee also  covers wired , since i was told  if i wire  my  hub to the pc ,  and it does not work,  them  i still need  to  buy a new  hub,   next task  contact trading standards

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Re: Another complaint about how my service issue is being dealt with

Hi @yan321 and welcome.


I'm really sorry you're having problems with your connection. I'm sure I can help with this. I'll need some additional information first. Are you on Infinity or ADSL broadband? What type of hub do you have? Are you having intermittent connection issues? Is it wired or wireless? If you can give us as much detail as possible I'm sure we'll be able to help you.





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Re: Another complaint about how my service issue is being dealt with

If you can find a router that guarantees a 100% fast and completely reliable connection you be sure to let everyone know about it.