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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

Hi Stephanie,

How long will you be on here for? I sent you a private message before but have had no reply.

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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

I thik i might soon end up in this thread...getting nowhere DAY 3


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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

To be honest Gr8talker I'm looking at contacting the CEO of BT; I called in earlier on and got his contact details. If that fails then I will be contacting OTELO
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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

"The 10 commandments/golden rules of BT customer service:

1. Be friendly.
2. Really listen.
3. Keep your promise.
4. Take responsibility.
5. Show you understand.
6. Agree what happens next.
7. "Don't be afraid to say sorry.
8. Don't blame another part of BT.
9. Don't leave the customer in the dark.
10. Give the customer the benefit of the doubt"

Very clever. Talk nicely. Give the customer the impression he has suceeded in making a complaint BUT DO NOT ACTUALLY RESOLVE THE PROBLEM.
When I was involved with a PROFESSIONAL complaints system it had a fixed timetable. If not resolved after so many days then pass to more senior person. Very senior managers object to juniors who cannot resolve complaints. Juniors know it affecs their propects/bonusses etc.
What is the BT timetable for resolution? Bet nobody knows.
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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

If you go to Otelo, make an events log that puts all the events concerning your problem in concise form and lists all the times and dates of all your ((usually long and frustrating) calls trying to resolve the problem.

Send them proof that you actually subscribe to and pay for the service you're complaining about (yes! don't just assume BT will admit anything!).

Best of all, record EVERYTHING! BT records you, but they do not necessarily make this available to Otelo.


You have the right to all of these records anyway under the Data Protection Act. Good luck in trying to get them! Write to the Data Protection Officer, BT Group, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ and send a cheque for £10 payable to 'BT plc'. By law they are supposed to make available to you any call recordings, all log notes, and any associated notes that constitute personal data. (You'll spend hours looking for this information on any BT website. We never found it.)

Never assume that the facts are agreed. Prove everything!


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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

"What is the BT timetable for resolution? Bet nobody knows."


We asked for a copy of their fabled internal complaints procedure almost a year ago. Never seen one. Perhaps they were unfamiliar with the term.

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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!

Hi VeryUnhappyCustomer,

Did you get my PM from last week? If you're still having problems with your BT service drop me an email with your details and forum username, I'll be happy to help.

You can get our email address by clicking on my profile.



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Re: Another complaint ignored by BT!!



I am in a similar situation. when I place the order with the BT advisor for Boradband option 3, he clearly stated that that would include the phone rent. I made him repeat how much DD will get out of my account everymonth for bt and he answered £24.99..  however, I am being charged £37.99 every month for the braodband  and the phone and to top it all, the broadband doesnt even work!!!!!! I am so frustarted and stressed trying to sort out this matter. evey morning I call the customer options to repeat the issue and I am told I will get a call back from the manager after listening to the phone converstion and guess what! no one ever calls back! I must have registered around 50 compaints every single time I have called BT but not a sinlge response. I also spoke to one of the customer advisors who advised me to talk to some one else int he sutomer options and make sure I dont pay more than £17.99 for the broadband. He also mentioned that the actual package costs on £17.99 minus the line rental which is fine by me, But when requested for the same, I was told that is not possible!!!!


I am so furious at BT for misleading me.

I have just started my contract a month ago, and seriously could use some help so I dont have to pay alomost 13 quid extra every month!

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