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Another home-moving ordeal

It's such a shame that most people join these forums to complain, but I'm afraid that that's what I'm doing too. I've had six years of good service from BT, but my attempt to inform them of my home move seems to have caused terrible confusion. Everyone I've spoken to at BT has been unfailingy polite and pleasant, but I'm still no closer to understanding the mystery of what will actually happen on my moving day: will my services stop at my old address? will new services begin at my new address? does anyone at BT know? is this in fact the question hidden in plain sight that must never be answered?


Reading some of the stories in the forum makes me realise that my problems are quite common - we should probably form a club. I'm adding my story to the mix in the hope that someone can help - although the chances they can do it before I move on 19th September seem pretty limited...


On 26th August I placed an online order with BT as I was moving home. The order consisted of a change of address, and upgrades to both phone and broadband services. A BT order number assigned and I received a letter confirming the move but also bizarrely containing a page headed "what you'll get" that was otherwise entirely blank. I have an ominious feeling that this was a true statement.


Everything was going well, until on Sep 7th I received a call telling me my order was being cancelled as the current owners of the new house had apparently not informed BT that they were moving. Actually, when I spoke to the current owners it turns out that in fact they had informed BT of the move, but they wanted to make a small change to their BT order (to add broadband to it) which apparently could only be achieved by cancellng their original home move order and waiting 48 hours. This in turn seems to have caused my order to be  cancelled.

On 9th September I received an email asking me to contact the homemovers team to let them know when I was ready to transfer my service to my new address. According to the call centre chap, this too could only be achieved by cancelling my order and waiting. 53 minutes of phone call to BT later, Mark, the (very pleasant) BT employee dealing with my call had entered all the details for my order (identical to the original one) into his computer but then found he couldn't submit it because my phone number only had ten digits (which is normal for the town where I live). Mark spoke to his manager who was meant to re-enter the data into the BT system. I was meant to receive a confirmation phone call within 48 hours. A week later no one has called.


If I look online then I see no sign of any orders and if I try to enter a home move order I am told that there is a technical error. If I phone the automated tracking service at BT I was told for a few days that my 'order was completed on 7th September' and now I'm told that there is no order.


On 13th September I emailed the eCustomer service team and received an automated message mostly concerning BT Sport (which I couldn't care less about), so I sent another email repeating all of the information above, but have yet to receive anything back.


On 15th Sepember I tried phoning the home movers team again and spoke to Alisa, who couldn't find any details of me having a phone or broadband package with BT at all and so couldn't help move them anywhere. Alisa filled in a form for the "back office" and assured me that I'd be called on Monday or Tuesday. I haven't been called.


I move in two days. Reading other stories on the forum I'm pretty sure that the best I can hope for is that nothing will happen on the 19th. At worse I expect an enormous bill for random services and to be connected to fifteen different phone lines.


In all seriousness; this really is a very frustrating situation. We rely on our landline and broadband for our jobs. If you can help then please do!






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Re: Another home-moving ordeal

Hi Hiddensector,


Welcome to the community forum. I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your Home move order. If you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile, I will look into this for you.





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Re: Another home-moving ordeal

Hi PaddyB,


Your help is very much appreciated. I've sent you some details using the link on your profile. Let me know if there's any other information you need.



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