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Another installation scenario

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I have a 3 story house with reinforced concrete floors. The phone line comes in from an underground tube into the garage where it terminates in a grey plastic box with multiple telephone wires coming out. Each wire goes to an extension on a different floor. All the phone sockets are twenty five years old. On the third floor we have an ADSL router running on that extension with the phone. It is certainly not a "master socket".


If I install a CAT5e cable from the third floor to the grey box in the garage and have a twin power socket installed next to the grey box would it be possible for the fibre modem to be installed in the garage and router/switch to be installed on the third floor without disturbing the telephone wiring other than replacing the grey plastic box?


I think the answer is probably yes unless they insist on using the Infinity Hub which appears to do away with a separate modem and router. Before committing to installing the CAT5e, a very non-trivial task, I would like to know if it is a sensible thing to do in anticipation of moving to Infinity?




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Re: Another installation scenario

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Hi Seabee,


That sounds like a reasonable option. What I personally would do in your situation (if I'm reading this correctly):


  • Run the CAT5e from the garage up to where your current Homehub is sitting
  • On the day of installation, the engineer will replace the gray box for the new master socket
  • Have the Openreach modem (the installation engineer will supply this) plugged into the master socket in the garage
  • Plug the Homehub 3 in where the CAT5e cable terminates on the third floor

Hopefully this makes sense - to me it sounds like the best plan of attack 🙂

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Re: Another installation scenario

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Thank you for your quick response.

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