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Re: Any existing customers with Home Hub 4?

OK. I think I'll just bite the bullet. I can wait until early June. I'll then contact BT and ask for a HH4 and pay the £35, or just re-contract again to get free of charge.

If I was going to pay £110 for a router I would be looking at the Asus or Billion stuff. And if I really want a future proof one with 802.11 AC then it's going to be £170.

At least the HH4 runs on 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. 5.0Ghz will be will good for those of us who leave in flats.


I'm also looking forward to getting the BT TV with the Youview box in late July. BT Infinity 80Mbps (unlimited and uncapped) + BT Sport (with the best 20 football games) + 18 extra channels + BT line saver + free evening and weekend phonecalls = £40/month. IMHO that's better VFM than Sky.

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Re: Any existing customers with Home Hub 4?

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Re: Any existing customers with Home Hub 4?

I would avoid the Home Hub 4 if you plan to use it wirelessly.

My Home Hub 4 loses 50% bandwidth when operated wirelessly with my laptop
sitting right next to the Hub. Move upstairs and the loss is even greater.

BT have finally admitted that this is a known issue affecting a number of
Home HUb 4 customers, after spending the day telling me there were no known
issues, and that they did not support or guarantee wireless connectivity. All
this with a product advertised as "The UK's most reliable wireless connection
across all your devices".

BT's only offered solutions are for me to use an Ethernet cable, or cancel
the service 😕

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