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Any good deals for staying with BT after contract is finished? (TV, net, calls packages)

I have come to the end of my 18 month contract this month and I am happy to remain with BT but just wanted to know what deals everyone else was getting to stay with BT and enter into another 18 months. 


Ive seen plenty of forums online regarding what Sky give their customers and was wondering what BT do.


I currently have anytime calls, option 1 broadband and gold vision TV.  Bills are around £55.00 a month (before costs of going over 10gb per month net allowance!)


Ideally I would like:


*  New vision box for free (my refurbished one is dying atm)

*  The new home hub for free (simply because they look much nicer!)

*  Option 2 broadband

*  weekend package

*  I would like to stay with the gold bt vision package.


Anyone got a good deal on something similiar??


I called the customer services number and was told I could have weekend calls and option 2 broadband package for a little more than what I pay now.. surely they have better deals out there??


I know Sky have been known to give free HD boxes + half price for 6 month for staying with them! 


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Re: Any good deals for staying with BT after contract is finished? (TV, net, calls packages)

Hi Lucy_London,


Thanks for posting. I'm sure the customer options team would have advised you of the best offer available but I can chek for you if you want. Drop me an email with your account details and a link to this post for reference. You'll find the contact us form in my profile.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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