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Anybody else have an Account with a USEAGE Limit???? OH!!! just me then!!

Got sent an extra bill, interim notification 12 day's before quarterly one was due, stating USage Limit Reached took a look, but as quarterly was due and no pay by date (as far as I could see) I didn't read a lot into it,   Until my quarterly turned up, I would have paid up and thought no more about it, except for that 12 day's 16 - 28 April costing £58.00, with restricted service thrown in, inspected quarterly bill to find late payment, reconnection fee and now not happy, I wonder if this is because I rung and asked BT when my BT contract came to an end, because further investiation with those that don't speak English properly has got me nowhere.


I would like to know when BT instigated putting a Useage Limit on your Telephone line?? and why they cannot come up with a plusable explaination which makes any sense.


I now have no phoneline and I have asked for an explaination in writing. And will not pay until this is sorted.  I am waiting for the explaination before I go to the regulator.  As I did not at anytime agree to Limited Usage and would not have signed up had this been part of my original contract.


Has anyone else had experience of this? everyone I speak too has never heard of it.

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Re: Anybody else have an Account with a USEAGE Limit???? OH!!! just me then!!

There are some limits in the Terms and Conditions and in the Trariff Guide. These seem to be: 1. No excessive use of residential lines for non-residential purposes (e.g. telemarketing), 2. 1000 minutes / 150 calls per month to 0870 and 0845 numbers.
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