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Anyone got Vodafone sure signal 2 working with the Home Hub 5?


Just got myself rigged up wth BT Homehub5 on BT fast fibre broadband after complete house renovation taking one year..

Now ive moved back in however, as my home has been lined with much more metallic foil covered insulation and the like my Vodafone reception internally is now non existent,... it was very poor before..  No matter I thought. I'll re-install my Vodafone (slightly problematic from before) Suresignal, which will now surely  leap into life along the  new 38mbps fibre connectivity I now have ...., only to find that although after a few days the Suresignal came to life and  I have a full five bars of 3G on my iPhone, I cant actually make or receive any mobile calls..Incoming just goes to my Vodafone voice mail..and my outgoing attempts just drop the line on making a connection..


Oh well there must (surely??) be a solution out there by now I thought..?


However , when I look there are message trails leading nowhere towards a recent solution.. I'm trying to reconnect with a version 2 sure signal I think.. the squarish white slab type with curved corners...


Has anyone out there got thiers running on a HH5?

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Re: Anyone got Vodafone sure signal 2 working with the Home Hub 5?

Have you searched this forum for sure signal? there have been previous posts about it.
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