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Anyone has the Home Hub 4? Is it any good?

Hello all,


So am currently with BT Infinity 80Mbps and have the Home Hub 3 Type B, which is solid as a rock, I don't think I have had to reset it at all in the 1 and a half years I have had it, really good piece of equipment.


But as I seem to be reading, HH4 is available now to upgrade for £35 squid, is it worth it?


As fas the the specs are concerned, it looks identical to HH3 apart from the dual channel (2.4 / 5) ability.


Who has this new hub, is it worth upgrading? I am thinking, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and my HH3 type B certainly isn't broken!



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Re: Anyone has the Home Hub 4? Is it any good?

Do a search of the forum for HH4 or Homehub 4 or have a look through the forum and you will find various views to help you make up your mind.


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Re: Anyone has the Home Hub 4? Is it any good?

I suggest you join the other threads on the HH4 rather than starting yet another one and diluting the information.
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Re: Anyone has the Home Hub 4? Is it any good?

i would suggest if your hh3b is working well to stay with it until the buga are aroned out of the hh4, there is a saying ..if its not broken dont fix it.., some people seem happy with the hh4 while some others are having problems with it, i thought about getting one but after reading about them i am going to wait to see if there are any fixes for the problems people seem to be having with it. like you i use a hh3b and so far i cannot complain about it, the wifi seems good enough and has never needed restarting exept for at the very beginning of my service i had to reset it to get my upload speed running at max

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