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Anyway to get round upfront cost for phone when upgrading from pay monthly sim-only

coming up to the end of my pay monthly sim, but want to upgrade to the samsung galaxy s8. Is there anyway i can get round the upfront cost? I dont use many minutes,texts or internet so the smallest package thats 37 pound a month would suit me best because that has unlimited text, 500mb data and 400 minutes anything more i would not use so would be a waste. But to get the smallest package you have to pay 180 pound upfront that is just way to much i could never afford that. But i dont want to pick the highest package which is 52 pound a month and 20 pound up front because i would never use more than 200 minutes and 500mb data so i dont need 15gb of data and unliimited minutes is there anyway round this and thanks for any help i appreciate it 🙂

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