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App login issue



I have EE and BT sport as a swappable, but whenever I try to log in to the app, it tells me my details are incorrect. I can log in to the website fine, on chrome and edge, and on mobile, and when logged in it tell me I have BT sport. I use the same details on the app, and I get ID006 that my username / PW isn't right. 


I've reset my password. I've also reset my ID.


Any help would be appreciated as this is very annoying and the main reason I chose this plan.

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Re: App login issue

Hi @Bobbis If you’ve just re-added BT Sport in the last month and you’re getting the ID006 error message, you'll need to reactivate your account. Please go to to do this by using your mobile. Alternatively, text SPORT to 150 on your EE phone to add BT Sport to your account. 


If you still need assistance after trying the above steps I'd recommend contacting EE directly as we can only assist BT customers on this community. 

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