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Apple Mac and the tbb meter!

Have spent two days trying to get information about the new ttb meter (as from October 1st). A great herald of trumpets announcing this facility (by email to my computer of course). Finally I was given the url over the telephone by a BT agent

( and promised that the meter would work on ALL computers.


No surprise then when I finally went to the site to discover (as I half anticipated) that the new tbb meter will NOT work with an Apple mac.


A promise was indicated that if demand wa sufficient, the software might be adapted for MAC use, so Apple Mac users are expected to make their views known.


It seems very odd to me that BT knowing there must be a very considerable number of Apple enthusiasts already fired up and ready to go are still left out in the cold.  For goodness sake BT, do something about it !.


In the meantime, Mac users might find a free meter useful, just go to SKOOBYSOFT software sitr and get a copy of SURPLUSMETER V.2.0.3 which does the job very nicely if not quite so colourfully.


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Re: Apple Mac and the tbb meter!

I don't think the one from thinkbroadband is be the one BT are planning. We've already been told this has slipped a little.

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Re: Apple Mac and the tbb meter!



I know how you feel....


Try using Linux if you want to appreciate pi22 poor support !!

An MSCE in computing is like having a McDonalds Certification in World Cuisine, pointless.
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Re: Apple Mac and the tbb meter!

Surley to be effective on measuring all traffic from pc ps3 or whatever and disgarding the not to be counted share

it must be server based not client pc or mac

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