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Apple airport extreme

I ordered an Apple airport extreme to improve my wifi at home so I can improve my iPad usage upstairs after reading the reviews on Which. It arrives in a couple of days. I then discovered that I can actually get Infinity at my address despite the check advising it would be a few more months. It will be installed in a few weeks. My question is then is there any point in keeping the apple router and using this instead of the HH3 for my wifi or will the HH3 do a good enough job on it's own?
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Re: Apple airport extreme



The consensus on the forums is that you should use the Airport Extreme (AE) rather than the Homehub 3. The AE seems to be superior for both Wireless strength and having less issues with Apple equipment. (well it is an Apple product 😉 It works brilliantly with Inifinty (WAN port is plugged into the White Openreach VDSL modem):


Instructions here:


If you don't believe me, please do a search for Infinity Airport Extreme and click the search button!


Hope this helps,

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Re: Apple airport extreme

Wow what service, that's such a prompt reply to my first ever post. Can you also advise if I need to do anything with my pc. This is upstairs and connects to my current Sky router via a Belkin wireless Ethernet bridge model F5D7330. Will this still work when Infinity is installed or is it worth upgrading to get the best of the Infinity signal strength?
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Re: Apple airport extreme

Just to add to Tommy's reply - Don't forget when you're setting up your username and password details for the PPPoE connection on the AE, you can't leave the password field blank.


I hope this info helps. 😄

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Re: Apple airport extreme

The wireless bridge on your PC will connect to the Airport Express without any problems.

As the previous poster has said, setting up the AE is simple (REALLY SIMPLE), I had it all set up in less than 3 minutes. Port forwarding is a breeze so if you ever need to do that then your in luck.

Also, the bit about the password, it can be anything you want, even just one letter or number.
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Re: Apple airport extreme

Had an AE on Infinity for nearly ten months after much hassle with HHx routers.


The AE has not even hesitated in that time and the wifi signal beats the HH3 by a mile.

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