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Applying for Trainee Openreach Engineer - What's the process

Hi everyone, I'm looking for information and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I'm looking at applying for the role of Trainee Openreach Engineer, and I was  looking for timescales for applying and, if successful, training. I have lots of questions and appreciate the time anyone takes to help me fill in the blanks.

How long does it take, approximately, to receive a video interview, assessment and, finally, job offer? 

How long, approximately, from applying, would it take to begin training (I ask this as my current notice period is three months).

I have managed to find information that says initial training at Yarnfield Park is about 3 weeks, is this accurate? If not, how long is it?

Because Stafford is a fair distance away from me (a 5 hour drive), I would have to stay local. Are there residential facilities? If so, are these covered or out of my cost, and, if not, is accomodation reimbursed?

The same source says weeks 4 through 12 are at one of several dedicated training sites, where are they located (so I can see my nearest one, in  the East Central Belt of Scotland)? And is detail of time accurate?


Many thanks to all who help! 

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Re: Applying for Trainee Openreach Engineer - What's the process

this is a customer help customer forum

however try search facilty as there are similar posts  here is one

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Re: Applying for Trainee Openreach Engineer - What's the process

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