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Approaching a month with no working land line

As it says in the subject box above, I'm approaching a month without a working landline so no phone and no internet. Its getting a bit ridiculous. The fault was reported on December 19th and is yet to be addressed. I can understand it taking a little longer over the Christmas period but still a month wait is getting absurd.


I have called on a couple  occasions to check for some progress here and have been fobbed off with excuse after excuse such as "persistent bad weather". Its been the mildest winter for over a decade!! I was even told not to ring again as "we are very busy currently so please do not ring again". How's that for appropriate customer service? Absolutely ridiculous


Living in a rural area, its not entirely feasible to really entirely on our poor mobile coverage so we need this problem addressed. We had a broken line out the front of our house repaired but the fault remains. As for the repair on the broken line. 4 men to repair one fault with 3 of them spending the duration reading newspapers. If this is how BT approaches all of its work its little wonder its taking near a month to rectify this problem!!


I'm losing patience here and ofcom has been informed of the situation. I'm hoping that some of the lurking moderators here can see some sense and relay this information to someone in a position to help!!

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Re: Approaching a month with no working land line

contact the mods and see if they can help

can take up to 3 days for mods to contact you

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