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April Price rise help :)

Hi , was wondering if anyone could shed light on this for me ?


Heard about price rise as all over net and in papers etc, but never have been sent a letter or mail.


Have checked my emails and last one was 21st march about a free hub upgrade, 3rd march about free TV or something.

Have checked my March/April bill,  and has gone up from £36.99 to £40.59 or £4.59 extra.


This means an extra £55 a year , my net dropped out the other week and I took the day of work , but no-one turned up or bothered to tell me, so it's not for a better service exactly is itSmiley Tongue


Can I get out of my contact? it started in August last year for 24months?


I can get the same thing as I am getting now for from Sky ***edited by mod***


Got ripped off by £70 last year when Bt slyly started charging me for Sport which I never watched, so really cheesed off as never knew as only looked at my bills when going through them for accountant and noticed.


I did not receive any emails about bill increase so how can I prove it?


Any advice on my rights etc gratefully received!

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Re: April Price rise help :)



You are much too late now, all customers were informed in February, and had 30 days to cancel because of the price increase.


If you are on paper billing a letter would have been sent. If you are on paper free, then an email and sometime a letter was sent.

It may have gone into your spam folder.


You cannot cancel without paying full cancellation charges.


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Re: April Price rise help :)

It depends on whether or not they took "reasonable steps" to notify you. So, for example, if they say they've sent a letter, they'll need at the very least a log proving it was sent out. Likewise if there's an email they sent they need to prove they sent it.

If they can't prove that they took reasonable steps to inform you of the price rises, it's against your contract and Ofcom rules for them to just charge you more.

This certainly isn't the first time I've come across this situation - a family member had exactly this, BT claimed to have sent an email advising the price rise, but nothing was ever received (other BT emails around the time were though). They eventually agreed to allow cancellation and then froze the price as a goodwill gesture.

If your initial contact fails, escalate to a manager. If that still doesn't resolve things, don't hesitate to raise an official complaint. If things still aren't resolved after 8 weeks, or they've sent a "deadlock letter" advising that they're not willing to budge, take it to Alternative Dispute Resolution.
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Re: April Price rise help :)


Thanks for your advice , appreciate your time.


I didn't notice the BT sport increase last year , as if I read every e-mail , you would not get to work!

That's why since my contract renewed I have saved all the mails from Bt as was this time aware of it.

Just think the Sneaky way they do it should not be allowed - they should have to get a confirmation at least .


Much like every year my car insurance, AA membership etc, increases by sometimes 100%-if you don't keep a keen eye on them you can get seriously screwed-just don't think they should be allowed to put it up more than just inflation as such.


It's just a ploy as millions of people are un-aware don't check , and that's what these companies business models preys on - you are encouraged to use DD to pay for your bills and now have to, unless you pay a cheque clearance - give me paper billing and cheques all day long 🙂


It's funny as my Dad lived in the States and customer loyalty was rewarded with cheaper contracts for renewal - in this country Loyalty = Gullibility and you are preyed upon like vultures.


I was just thinking how to prove that they haven't sent a mail to me, If they can well that's just tough luck on me as such, but at least I would accept it.


 It's just really annoying after last year's BT 'Free' Sport package, which as I hate football  and NEVER used it,  to end up funding it 🙂

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