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Area code blocking



Is it possible to block all calls from a district code? In common with lots of people we are getting calls from a Bournemouth area code 01202 143xxx and a Glasgow area code 0141. I have Caller Display and can see the caller's number, so I don't answer. From searching, I know it's someone (real or not) claiming to be an energy consultant. 


I blacklist each number, but I know that probably doesn't help much. We are with the TPS. For years we rarely got spam calls until this started a couple of months ago. As my husband is working from home, the landline phone ringing out is really intrusive.


Would a BT4600 phone deal with this problem? If I bought one, would the spam blocking / filter on that phone stop calls from ringing through on all our other phones? Or would they all have to be BT4600s? 


Any insights would be welcome.


Best wishes.

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Re: Area code blocking


The BT4600 will work for this instance, as spam callers never announce themselves. If you have other phones connected to the line, then you may get a quick ring until the BT4600 intercepts the call.

Its best if possible, to just use the BT4600 multiple handset option, as that will keep things quiet.

Intercepted calls still show as missed calls on the BT4600, so you can identify any which you know are genuine, and add them to your "allowed" list.

The BT4600 works on a whitelist by default, so you need to add the phone numbers of people who you want to get through without interception.



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Re: Area code blocking

Thank you very much for your reply. It's very helpful. The BT4600 is definitely something which we'll look into. We were out all day today and in that time, 19 of these calls were received and unanswered.  We need to take action.


Best wishes.

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Re: Area code blocking

I can't speak to the BT4600 but my experience with the CPR call blocker has been fantastic.

It's blocked 100s of calls (if you wish to look at the log) perfectly. My unit has blocked 246 calls over a few years. The caller just gets a dead line or similar tone.

If you want to stop area codes on the fly eg 012* etc it's worth a look.

And it's super simple to use.