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As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

Not sure if anyone can help but....I have BT Fibre with Halo 1 with two of the discs. Many connections, e.g. laptops, games consoles, ipads, phones, etc. but in general never really a problem. However when one of the games consoles (an XBOX ONE X to be precise) goes online others get kicked off the network and have to reconnect - and it does happen many times. I don't understand why it is just this games console? All other connections are fine until the XBOX ONE X goes online. It's like it takes all the broadband bandwidth. I have tried switching the XBOX ONE X from a wifi to a lan connection to the router (don't know why I thought this might help but just trying anything) and it did not help. Any suggestions as to what I can do about this? 

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

I may have resolved this...will find out later today. I went onto my router and could see many port forwarding entries for said XBOX. I did not create these so I assume they got created via UPNP. I have deleted them all as I do not think they are required. I'm hoping that this is what was causing the network issue whenever the XBOX ONE X went online...

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

OK. This is not resolved. 


So removing port forwarding rules (they get created vi UPnP) makes no difference. As soon as XBOX ONE X  starts up it kicks my laptop off the network. No idea how to resolve this.


Any help/advise?

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

Factory reset the home hub, then disable UPnP right away, before the xbox connects.

Also make sure you disable Smart Setup, on the home hub.

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

Thanks for the feedback. But will disabling UPnP cause an issue in general? It does state in the Xbox network settings that UPnP when disabled may not allow all connections. Plus it does not seem to happening when other games consoles are online. E.g. also have a PS4 and 2nd Xbox. 

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...


How about an IP address clash, 2 devices with the same manually set IP addresses?

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Re: As soon as XBOX ONE X goes online...

Happy to try anything but I don’t think it’s could be il address clash as it is affecting my laptop and my wife’s laptop as we are both working from home. I wish there was some diagnostics I could collect and send to BT. 

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