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Asking for advice re contract

Hi all,

Bit of a long shot however I am hitting a brick wall for solutions so am trying on here to see if anyone can offer some advice please. I'm in a bit of a pickle with my finances. My partner is currently on remand and he is not allowed to return home. This has left me in a position where I can not afford to pay the bills by myself and he has already coerced a lot of debt in my name. I don't use the broadband for anything, and have no interest in using it but I'm tied to a contract until Sept 2022. Everything is in my name only. I spoke to a BT advisor yesterday who advised of a cancellation fee of £200+ which needs to be paid in one payment to leave the contract early, or take the Broadband with me. This unfortunately doesn't solve any of my concerns due to the fact that I can not afford this added luxury, nevertheless my rent. I am more than capable to contact charities for debt advice and DV charities for guidance, but wanted to get all the advice I can.

I will need to move soon, when I can afford to do so (or flee, whichever comes first). I appreciate I agreed to this contract and don't have much choice, but I would like to know if anything can be done to make it more manageable? The BT advisor just kept telling me that I was on the best deal available...

Thanks in advance.






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