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At my wits connection

Joined bt in March. Service great until last week. Router just flicked to solid orange light and my infinity connection hasn't come back.

Customer services seem to have a different answer each time, from no fault, outside fault, an MSO to its already been fixed. Last I was told it'll be fixed in 48 hours.

If I have to do the master socket / filter change one more time I think I'll go crazy.

I've tested the router on another bt connection down the road and that's fine.

Anybody else having these issues at the moment? I'm in St7 Talke
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Re: At my wits connection

is there anything listed for your area

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Re: At my wits connection

No it says everything is OK on there too. Everyone I've spoke to just gives a different answer.
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Re: At my wits connection

You just need to be insistent with CS that you need an engineer visit.

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Re: At my wits connection

What did you check at at master socket test port ?, ideally you should check for dial tone with a known working phone , preferably a corded phone, if there is no dialtone at the test port, report NDT ( no dialtone ) to your landline provider (phone service fault not a broadband fault) ....if they advise of the potential for charges, it's because the line test may indicate the problem is at or close to your home , but if it's NDT at the test port ( this is the demarcation point between your responsibility and Openreach's responsibility ) then you can say OK to thus warning , as there shouldn't be any charge to you.

if you don't normally have a phone plugged in, I would suggest buying a cheap (£5 ish) landline phone , or borrow one from a neighbour or friend) to try this, if you do have dialtone, dial 17070 and check the number read back to you is the correct phone number, if it isn't the correc number, again report the fault as a phone problem...if  dialtone present and the correct number , all you can do is speak to your ISP again

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Re: At my wits connection

Landline works fine and there are no issues. Cs have run the usual scripted tests I've been plugged into the master socket. The test socket.

They have told me there's no issues with the phone. I can see the green box at the end of the road so will be on the look out for a bt van today and see if anyone is actually out and doing anything about it.

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Re: At my wits connection

If you have a dialtone , with the correct number, and your hub isn't connected (Orange light)  , that is the sort of issue that the ISP should accept and deal with without any fuss, it's unclear why they wouldn't just raise a fault report, if you confirm you are plugged into the test port and have dialtone.

The chances  are it's either the hub is faulty ( and if the hub is less than a year old it's under warranty ) or your Infinity connection has been disturbed in the street cabinet , possibly by an engineer working on an adjacent line.

Why would you keep an eye on the street cabinets if they haven't accepted and reported your problem to Openreach ?, even if , coincidentally , an OR person turned up, they wouldn't have your line/circuit details so couldn't deal with your issue, have BT accepted your problem and issued a fault report to OR ?

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Re: At my wits connection

Apologies for the misinformation. They did open a fault but they said it was fixed I have told them that this is not the case and then they told me that it's an MSO which i don't think it is or I'm sure the status checker would report this. They said it'll be fixed as there is a team working on it, but couldn't give me any more information other than we will text you when it's complete.
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Re: At my wits connection

@LUKEW1985 I'm sorry about the fault with your broadband.  Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to find out what's happening. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: At my wits connection

Which exchange?

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