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Audio dropping out on BT TV Box


i have BT TV YouView Box which is becoming more unreliable.  Every time I watch tv the sound drops out completely, for 2 or 3 seconds before coming back.  It seems more often when watching but sport channels.  I have hard wired internet connection which is good.  The picture never has a problem.  I have tried new HDMI cable and channel.  The sound is fine when watching tv or YouTube via the inbuilt tv apps (not using BTTV). Any help would be gratefully received.  I have tried the pause and unpause suggestions on previous posts, and the problem doesn’t seem to be so bad on recordings.



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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Same here on my T4000, with sound also dropping out when watching live channels via the NOW TV app.

Everything is fed via a sound bar and I do not have this issue when using the apps on the TV, my Xbox or Apple TV. 

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Does anyone from BT actually monitor this forum as no reply from any tech support yet!  How do I get tech support for this issue?

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

No, I have not yet seen a reply from a BT engineer that solves a posted issue.

I'm having the same issues with the sound dropping out every approx' 60 seconds.

I have raised a complaint with BT but no reply to that complaint yet.

What's is also concerning is a communications company that can't manage to receive emails, yet still asks all it's customers for their email addresses.

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Signed up for BT TV and received my kit a few days ago. Have also encountered the audio drop out issue. Only seems to be on live BT Sport channels and specifically the Extra channels.  Recorded programmes are Ok and antenna related programmes are ok. This suggests it is due to broadband issues for sport channels. 

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Hi everyone, 

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the audio on the live Sport and Extra channels. 

This might sound a random question. If you pause the channel for a couple of seconds and then resume, do the sound issues continue? 

Thank you, 

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Tried pausing and restarting Newcastle v Wasps game on Sport 1HD this evening and no further audio issues after a few drop outs beforehand. Problem was more severe on Extra channels so will try that tomorrow. 

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

Sport Extra channel also ok once paused and re-started.  Do we need to do this every time?

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Re: Audio dropping out on BT TV Box

This is a problem that seems to have returned in recent weeks. My T4000 was supplied  to overcome this issue some time ago and in the main it did. Nothing in my setup has changed but the issue has retuned. 

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