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Re: Availability of free “basic email”.

Ahm. You started off by saying you could understand how folk had “the perception”, then accused me of misinterpreting. 

Furthermore, if BT more effectively explained the availability of the free, albeit basic service, perhaps there would have been less need to offer the Premium service to those afraid of “loosing” it.

In the space of a few exchanges, I was first advised, that the account would morph into the basic version, then it would be deleted, without action on my part to select a non-existent option.  

(Thank you to DavidM and Neil)

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Re: Availability of free “basic email”.

Misrepresent, not misinterpret.

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Re: Availability of free “basic email”.

The reason I said I could understand why some may have that perception was because you obviously did through your misrepresentation.

At the time of BT Premium emails inception there was no basic service. The basic service was recently introduced so that people could retain their email address for free. Since its inception, how BT Broadband customers were able to obtain it has changed but it would appear that their "help" pages and staff training has not kept up to date with the changes.


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Re: Availability of free “basic email”.

Trumpeting a bit strong. However, it was another who said the policy “reeks of revenge”.

As to your last point re confusing and chaotic process-not arf.

Will be interesting to see how the downgraded email treats all the Albanian and Slovakian scammers😀

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