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Awful Broadband reliability - and appaling support

Since moving to BT some three or four months back we have had continuous issues with broadband stability and speed.


Previously, when with other ISPs, we had a fairly stable speed over years of operation.

As soon as we swapped to BT we have had real issues with broadband speed dropping to almost zero very, very often.

(The Hub never reports any iss - the light stays stable for example.)


We have been sent a new Hub6, and nothing has chnaged.


The big probelm though is that by the time BT respond to a support phone call the speed has recovered, and no issues are found.

(We never have a problem with our phone/phone line).


I have just spend over half an hour on the phone to support, and after that duration the support chap happily stated the isses was with Windows10, and its' a known issue, and it will take Microsoft to fix the problem... ???


A quick Google shows ther was/is a 'connection' issue that a Windows update introduced, that would prevent connect to the internet. That issue would not cause slow speeds, from what I have read.


A fix has alose been released, according to Microsoft,a nd we are fully updated.


Why is BT support so poor?


Interestingly, when I use the Hub's 'Speed Check' option when we are having issues, it does state there is a probelm, and shows a graphic that points to BT's Servers as the location of the problem... But BT support always dismiss that!


I'm really widhing I had not changed to BT!

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Re: Awful Broadband reliability - and appaling support

Does the speed drop only during peak times, say from 4pm to midnight, or is it slow all of the time?


Please can you please provide BT Wholesale speed test results for different times of the day, including the further diagnostics page? The last test needs to be done at peak times so the results are stored on the BT server.


These must be done using a computer connected to the home hub, using an Ethernet cable.

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Re: Awful Broadband reliability - and appaling support

I've done all this with BT support...


I actually had a call-back from a decent chap, who I hope will help.

He says BT are now tracking my connection.

I have my fingers crossed he is tru to his word.


But, no, it is not an issue with peak times, and happens totally randomly.

I work from home a lot, so use the PC through the day - the times we have issues have no relationship to any fixed time of day.


What I do not understand is why the speed test option buit inti the router (that linkt back to the BT website) is not viewed as valid? That says the issue is with the BT servers...

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Re: Awful Broadband reliability - and appaling support

Here's a question...

Anyone care to comment on these Hub statistics?


Noise Margin: 26 / 9.9

Line attenuation: 31

Signal attenuation: 170 / 310
From some Googling they don't look exactly as they should... but I'm not certain.
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Re: Awful Broadband reliability - and appaling support

Can you use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

there is nothing wrong with the hub stats apart from a slightly higher than normal noise margin

the above speedtest gives far more information than the cut down hub test with its fancy graphics
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