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Awful customer service/tech support and lies



I am reaching my wits end with the totally unacceptably poor level of service which BT seem to think they can get away with providing. Having got over the initial annoyance of being outright lied to by the sales staff prior to taking out a contract with BT, I've now had to deal with their utterly incompetent Indian call centres.


Two of my evenings have been totally eaten up this week by staff outright lying to me regarding my lack of BT TV service thus far. 

It may be worth mentioning at this point that I am a qualified and experienced software test engineer, so am not a complete idiot when it comes to technology.


Call #1

I called BT technical support due to the fact none of my channels other than internet channels are working. First experience was slightly marred by the fact that on hearing an automated message telling me I could receive a callback to "Absolutely any number", when I entered my number I was told "We cannot call this number". So, I went back through to the waiting queue.


When someone finally answered, I was first taken through the usual "Have you turned it off and on again?" gubbins. Now, I clearly stated exactly what I had done, including turning off and on, re-checking all the connections, rescanning for channels, resetting to factory defaults and all. The response was "OK no problem. OK so did you try turning it off and on again?" Are these robots completely incapable of independent thought? Are they reminded to breath in and out also? LISTEN to what your customers say, do not just recite a script at them.


I was finally told that I would be getting a new YouView box sent through, after waiting for 30 minutes on the end of a silent phone while I assume my Technical 'Specialist' was having a chat with his mates.


I asked if this could possibly be an issue with the aerial, to which the response was "No, if you are getting internet channels then the aerial must be working as the internet channels will NOT work without the aerial." I asked him to confirm this two times, just because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told him that sounded like utter cobblers - internet channels by definition do not require an aerial - they come through the internet. Hence the name 'internet channels'. 


"No, No" I was reassured "If they work, your aerial is fine. I promise you this new box will fix it." I asked for confirmation again - "Yes, I promise this will fix the issue for you."


I knew it wouldn't, but I thought I would play the game anyway.


Box arrived promptly, no complaints at postage time at all.


Plugged it in, scan for channels, 0 channels found (only internet channels).

Quelle surprise.



Call #2


Apparently every moment of every single day, BT are experiencing "High volumes of calls" and demand you wait. Tried hiring some more call centre staff? Preferably ones with their own frontal lobes?


Anyway, I waited again and finally got through.


I explained the issue to Tech Specialist #2, who said he was very sorry this hadn't fixed it. He then asked me if I had tried "Turning your Youview box off and checking the cables are connected correctly". At this point I got irate and said "Yes, do NOT take me through this script again. I have unplugged, restarted, reset to factory defaults, everything. Do NOT take me through what I already went through yesterday."


"OK, I am very sorry sir no problem. So Sir, have you tried turning off your YouView box and checking the cables are connected correctly?"

At this point I was beyond annoyed. I demanded that I either get through to the next tier of support, or I get an immediate and full refund. I was then put through to a manager.


The conversation with the manager started off pretty positively - he was very apologetic. I asked him why his call centre staff lied to me and recited the experience about internet TV channels requiring an aerial - he said that it was unacceptable that I was lied to and he was very sorry indeed and that I was quite correct that no aerial is needed for the internet channels. Of course, I already knew this as I do understand a fair bit about technology.


At this point I was offered an engineer visit, which I was more happy with. Manager said he would organise that now, please hold. After 20 minutes of silence on the end of the line (15 minutes of which was after when I had already recieved the email telling me the appointment was arranged - again, was he having a smoke or something?) he got back to me and said it was all set up.


I asked him if this could be an aerial issue - he replied "Yes it could be, our engineer will be able to check." I then asked "Will BT fix the aerial if there is an issue?" and he replied "Yes, if the engineer thinks it is an issue with the aerial we will send out an aerial engineer who will fix this". I said "Will I be charged for this, or is it for free? I am fed up of being charged for things which do not work". The reply was "No Sir this is free service, if there is an aerial problem the engineer will fix it for you." 

"For free? No charges to me?"

"Yes sir, it is free."


Content with this answer, I thanked him for his help and awaited the engineer visit scheduled for 7am-9am on Saturday morning.



BT Engineer


I was called at around 3pm on Friday afternoon by the engineer asking "Are you home at the moment?" to which I replied "No, I am at work..."


"Oh. When will you be home?"

"Tonight, I will be home at about 6pm..."


"OK. I can come at 6pm if you want to be seen today? I am about an hour away, I'll let you know when I am on my way."


"OK, no worries. See you then."


So I finish at 17:30, as I am yet to have heard from the engineer who said he'd call me when he was on his way (from an hour away... ie I'd expect that to be 5pm), I gave him a call.


"I'm on a job at the moment. I won't be there til some time after 7. I'll give you a call when I leave."


Now, forgive me for seeming like I am being picky here, but am I just now expected to wait in all night until "Some time after 7"? Friday nights have better ways to be spent than waiting for an engineer to turn up to apparently, it turns out, just try and install the YouView box I've been talked through how to install 7,000,000 times by Indian Tech Specialists already.


I told him that I didn't need anyone to just install another YouView box and scan for channels because I have already done this more times than I can count, both by myself and under the guidance of the particle physicists at the Indian call centre. Although, I am coming to suspect that perhaps they are based at CERN, with lines such as "You need an aerial to watch internet television."


Anyway, I asked him if he could check whether it was the aerial, he said he can happily do this, so that's great. He'll be here in half an hour to check that.


I asked him "Can you fix the aerial if it's an issue?" to which he replied "No, but we can organise someone to come and do that." I asked him to confirm - now ever so slightly cynical and suspicious - if this would be free of charge. His response "No, I think you'd have to pay for any aerial work."


So, I am at the end of my tether. BT staff have lied to me on several occasions - not just accidentally messing up a bit of information, but deliberately and confidently lying to me directly several times.


What can I do to get help? If BT cannot help me with TV, I'm going to cancel and I am not going to be paying them a penny in cancellation charges if that is the only option I have. I'd love to be able to use their TV, the internet package I have with them is great, but the level of service I have received is utterly unacceptable and basically illegal when you consider the lies I've been told.




Unhappy Customer.

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Re: Awful customer service/tech support and lies

Quick question....have you tried plugging your aerial into your TV directly or a different box? Do you receive any channels then?

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Re: Awful customer service/tech support and lies

In certain situations, the Internet channels do require a aerial connection to be present so I can see why an advisor has come to this conclusion. (There are other threads around this)


It definately sounds like an aerial issue which myself and other customers on this forum can help advise on.


As drhowells asks above, do you have any other DTT capable equipment that you can try out?



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Re: Awful customer service/tech support and lies

That was a most unpleasant post. There is no need to berate staff.
Of course it is an aerial problem and of course you will have to pay for that.
The CS in India is merely the first port of call. They have done their best. They have a script to follow for a reason.
Some people can think they have done what was required but havent. This week I dealt with a problem I was assured all cables were inserted properly and thoroughly checked. I asked again then I asked again. Eventually I discovered the Ethernet cable to the PLA had been removed. Inserting that solved tbe problem. The lady assured me that the cable had not been touched be her.

So that's what married life is like 🙂

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Re: Awful customer service/tech support and lies

Hi there mate,


I understand you so much, but at the same time those people - its not their fault, they say what they are asked to say per instrucitons. The first tech were stating that if internet channels are fine, that your aerial cable is fine, but this state is not actually true, he is only right, when you'll try to record any of the channel - then you'll have your youview+ box locked up, as in firmware it has a mechanism of verifying signal of aerial connection and if its 0 - you'll have an issue with recording your internet channels, I do know that and say that because I'm a software developer myself working in this for about 15 years. 

I'm having the same issues as you - but I still didn't figure out what exactly, whether this youview+ tv aerial port is too sensitive to a good signal, whether a signal is poor I've ordered both a booster and auteniation and hopefully it will fix the problem. I also heard there is a faulty with this in some youview+ boxes. The other problem is that I cannot connect aerial cable to anything else, as I don't have TV I have a projector instead, and home cinema device, which doesn't have any TV tuners embeded. 

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