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Awful customer service

Ever since I joined BT in Dec 2014, have had nothing but problems. No room on our site box for my connections so been routed elsewhere. The only way they can fix when my service plays up is in the exchange. Service went slow and phone crackly so rang faults and not to put too fine a point on it, the person I spoke to was obnoxious. Refused to refer my problem up to manager so could be fixed yet again at the exchange and said if I didn't have the engineer out again, it would not be fixed. Each time an engineer comes, wasting my time and his, he says the problem is at the exchange. I said I wanted to speak to a manager, which again was refused. I put the phone down and immediately the broadband went down, the phone line became more crackly and I had 4 calls from BT including a message from the BT service person repeating that my problem wouldn't be fixed. I have recorded his message and will be sending it to Libby Barr on Monday and will be taking the issue further. I have not had a good service, was not advised there was no room for me, took weeks to get a service at all. I want BT to cancel my contract without penalty as you are not fulfilling the terms of your contract
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Re: Awful customer service

Hi there @jenfullick and welcome to the BT Residential Forums. 🙂


Please note that only BT Employees are forum moderators here. While they are the only moderators here, your posts don't go to BT directly and not every message is read: everyone else on these forums are customers just trying to assist, but to assist, we need some information to be posted:


     1) Can you post the adsl stats from your router? Depending on the router, you may need to 'show detail' to get all the necessary stats (if HH4/5 then go to troubleshooting then logs and you are looking for 2 line together when hub last connected to internet and they will show your connection speed and noise margin: also go to troubleshooting -> helpdesk and post lines 1-12. If netgear enter

     2) Run  btspeedtester (MAC users may have problems). Once the first test completes, run the Further Diagnostics test and post the results (do not reset the router): the Further Diagnostics test will provide you with your connection's IP profile, which controls the throughput that you receive.

     3) Can you go to the following link and post results here? Please delete number when posting the results: This allows members to see the broadband packages available to you and whether your speeds are not within your estimates.

     4) Are you connected directly via a filter to the NTE5 master or test socket or to somewhere else? Is the master the only phone socket in your home?

     5) Have you tried the quiet line test? If not, please dial 17070 and select option 2: you should hear nothing. The test is best done with a corded phone: cordless phones may hear a 'dull hum', which is normal


Once this information is posted, a user might be able to offer help or assistance to resolve the problem.

The test socket looks like this on most master sockets:




test socket.jpg

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Re: Awful customer service

Hi jenfullick,


Thanks for posting. The engineer visit would be to complete and end to end check on the line etc to confirm it's working from your side. I'll be happy to lend a hand if you wish. Just send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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Re: Awful customer service

I can't bring up your profile. I only have 3G on my phone and that is intermittent. Tried to message but it rejects. I have had numerous visits from engineers, all say is a problem in exchange. I am not wasting my time anymore hanging around for people that tell me exactly the same thing. I have had numerous failures of broadband service. BT cannot provide a proper service, took them weeks to put in a new line and then the engineer was here for over four hours (at our site) setting me up with connection elsewhere. It doesn't work, BT should have told me there was no room before they gave me a contract and that they were unable to provide a. Stable service. I don't want BT anymore. I am paying for a substandard service
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Re: Awful customer service

if you can keep trying to contact DavidM he will get your problems resolved the forum mod team have a very good reputation at getting problems resolved and they provide a single point of contact in th UK
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