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B.T major complaints

Hey guys,


I am here to write a rant regarding B.T and their practices.


My first point is regarding the actual performance of the B.T services, B.T are by far the largest telecommunications companies in the country yet the services they offer in more rural area's are awful. I live in a "remote" area, it's about 5 minute's from a town which recieves around 17mb/ps internet but my exchange currently recieves at very PEAK 3.2mbps which is insane for a £44 a month package (As I could not have anything lower than the unlimited phone package, despite arguing with B.T for hours on this.) when an area less than 2 miles away from gets over a 500% increase in performance for the same price.


The whole notion of this is stupid, it would be the same idea as if I went into a restraunt and it had two chefs, a well trained newer chef and a horrible cook that's getting past his point of use and I ordered a plate of food for £44, the food was cooked and prepared by the awful chef but another person ordered the same plate of food for the same price but it was cooked by the better chef, I am still paying the same price for horrible quality. This would not stand up in any other business and I do not think it should be allowed by the communication business.



Secondly, the customer support from B.T is just painful, in the last few days I have been trying to recieve a refund for a £90 deposit that I paid under the notion that I would be refunded this 6 months after my contract was started. After spending about 2 days attempting to get B.T to confirm that this deposit was actually real, they finally turned around and told me that it wasn't due for my deposit to be given to me for another 4 months despite the fact that I had taken it out in May, almost tallying up to a YEAR for my 6 month deposit to be refunded. I was then informed that B.T have "changed their policy due to security reasons" that they would no longer refund to bank accounts, despite signing a contract with myself stating that this would be the case and that the deposit would simply be used to clear my B.T bills which I never agreed to, they didn't even send out an email/letter to inform me of this change or ask to agree to this. They seem to think they can just change their T&C willynilly and all of their customers 100% automatically accept them all without even asking.


Thirdly, another rant about customer support. I was lied to constantly while talking to the B.T customer support, being told that "managers are not available to be spoken to" or "my manager is not here" apparently B.T is run completely by a group of paid managers that are never seen or heard from within the company. I'm not an idiot, I know when I am being lied to.



I have recorded phone calls and online chat transcripts with B.T customer services and I will be contacting the British Trading Standards group, the U.K Watchdog group and any other company who deals with such complaints as I am sure complaining to B.T will amount to next to nothing. 

I hope my post deters people from EVER becoming a B.T customer, as this entire process of simply trying to get my OWN money back to me has been filled with nothing but lies, thievery and disappointment.


P.S to B.T staff, please do not tell me to "fill in a form" as I have already wasted more than enough time contacting B.T staff back and forth with no result apart from anger.

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Re: B.T major complaints

Hi Ntalor93


I can understand why you would be upset with BT given the experience that you have posted here and I am truly sorry that you have been left feeling miss-treated and lied to.  This is certainly not the way that we intend to do business and your post makes for some grim reading. 


I would love a chance to try and help you out with this and find out what went wrong but nevertheless appreciate the fact that you have already invested a lot of time in this.


If you would be willing to grant us one more opportunity, fill in the forum with minimal info, simply referring back to this thread then I would be happy to look into the matter and get everything straightened out.






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Re: B.T major complaints

Hello Craig,

Thank you for your response, I have filled in the form but this is my final straw.


I am fed up of being treated like a cash cow for B.T to milk and have no respect for as I am sure a lot of other members of this community are as I can clearly see, I will also be updating this thread again later today if my issue has not been solved.


I have also contacted the customer care twitter account in order to rant about this and to allow my followers/friends/family to see how B.T has treated me.

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Re: B.T major complaints

I share your experience and, from my experience BT do not show any respect for their customers. Having spent hours and hours on the telephone, due to their procedures being rather less than efficient (to say the least), they have told me lies, put the phone down on me, not rang back, not given the contact number to organise the service to be restored and caused additional expense, extreme frustration and anger and great distress! What can one do! If I ran a business like this, I would have no customers!
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