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BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

Hi everyone,


I see that lots of customers are having trouble with BT saying they are going over their usage allowance when they don't think they are. I'm having similar problems and have been investigating it since BT started charging us £15 extra for our broadband. We are moderate to heavy users so have BB option 2 with the 40GB allowance. There are just 2 of us so we agreed to be mindful of this allowance and avoid things that push it up. So when we got the extra bills we were very surprised.


1) We moved in September and until Christmas our speed was less than 1mbps some days so just browsing was difficult. Yet in November we supposedly used 72GB! In January we weren't here 2 weeks and I was ill one of them and didn't use the computer at all (just facebook on my 3G internet phone). Apparently we used 52 that month...?

2) We torrent but only 3 files per week and then shut them down once finished because it eats up the bandwidth and makes surfing hard at peak times. We also don't "seed" for this reason. Also, ISPs throttle you if you torrent too much and we need the internet for our studies.

3) We have BT vision so don't use iPlayer or the like on our PCs. Besides with our slow connection it's rubbish anyway!

4) We don't stream music i.e. napster or spotify because it just doesn't work on our slow connection.

5) We don't play MMOs or Xbox live.

6) I installed BB monitoring software and studied the Home Hub stats and they show only a fraction of what BT are saying we use.

7) If we are being hi-jacked/hacked it's not showing up on the HH.

😎 Other people are having this problem which makes me suspicious.


So has anyone got anywhere with BT on this? I can't seem to speak to someone other than the Indian call centre. They refunded £9 so far but have charged me £45 for going over so far.


I've sent another complaint email and I'll hope I don't just get told that I "don't accept" their bill again.

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Re: BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

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Re: BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

An update. 


I got an email from the indian call centre *sigh* repeating what I said to them i.e. that I was being charged for going over and I wasn't accepting it. Also another referral to the fair use policy. They just won't actually listen and it's getting really annoying.


Is anyone getting anywhere with this?

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Re: BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

Might to look here



KerryG wrote:

Hi all,


Just wanted to confirm that, as mentioned in some earlier posts, there has been an issue for a small number of customers whose usage was reported incorrectly in January and February.  We detected that their usage had been over-reported and found that there had been a problem with a piece of network hardware, which resulted in additional usage showing for these customers. 


Since the problem was discovered we have identified the affected customers and made sure that no charges will be made for any of their February usage, and any charges that were made for January usage will also be refunded on their next bill.


We’re really sorry that this happened, but want to reassure you all that this was the result of a specific set of circumstances.  We have already made changes to ensure this can't happen again, so you can be sure that all future usage will be reported accurately.





Check your exchange or major service outages

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Re: BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

Sorry to trouble you but the problem was not solved until about the 10 th of March, and people are getting fed up whit saying so. 

Wed 6th    0.08GB

Thur 7th    0.40Gb

Fri    8th     0.41GB

Sat   9th    0.76GB

Sun  10th   I.14GB   ACTUAL  READING.


BT SAY I USED  AN EXTRA £10 WORTH OF BROADBAND last month, WHICH IS ON MY LATEST BILL. they are calling me a liar,

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Re: BB USAGE MONITOR -any progress?

Crosspost from my other query:


OK: I went away for the weekend so unplugged the router on Friday evening.


  • Logged into my BT Account from where we were staying on Saturday morning to check the BT Usage Monitor which read 18.71GB
  • Enjoyed an excellent day out with friends.
  • Returned home on Sunday, plugged in the router and checked the usage monitor which (having been in the boot of my car for 41 hours) now read 21.66GB. So, 2.95GB of use without a router!
  • Concluded that my usage must figure must just be some random function & in no way related to my actual use.
  • Nice little earner if you can get it!
I'm now back online but note that my download speed has dropped from around 5MBPS to just over 2KBPS - upload is now down to under 4KBPS. I feel more pain to come...
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