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BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Been having this issues for the last few weeks.


BT Open reach have been out and replaced the master socket and so on but no improvement. I've unplugged the Sky HD box that was eating some of my bandwidth.


However I still have the issue that every now and then ping times seem to climb from 50-60ms (acceptable for the back of beyond where I live) to 1000-4000ms and then time out. I've replaced or unplugged everything connected to the phone system including the router for no joy. Previous to this its been slow but stable for years. I've played online games like WoW with 2 PC's connected working fine, worked from home with Corp VPN and Hard IP phone connected with no issues untill recently. Now I get huge lag spikes lasting hours.


Any ideas?

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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

DSL Status:Connected
DSL Modulation Mode:MultiMode
DSL Path Mode:Interleaved
Downstream Rate:544 kbps
Upstream Rate:320 kbps
Downstream Margin:11 db
Upstream Margin:6 db
Downstream Line Attenuation:63 db
Upstream Line Attenuation:15.5 db


From my Linksys router. I can swap in my BT homehub but its not getting any better results.

Still getting intermitant ping times of 2000-3000ms and then back to 40-50ms.


Doesnt matter what PC I use or what else I have connected.

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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms

2 1011 ms 1090 ms 1075 ms

3 1115 ms 1093 ms 1090 ms

4 1094 ms 1090 ms 1093 ms

5 1095 ms 1090 ms 1093 ms

6 1090 ms 1094 ms 1090 ms

7 1094 ms 1094 ms 1090 ms

8 1094 ms 1089 ms 1111 ms []

9 1092 ms 1094 ms 1089 ms []

10 1095 ms 1113 ms 1094 ms []

11 1099 ms 1101 ms 1091 ms

12 1089 ms 1017 ms 299 ms

13 546 ms 552 ms 557 ms []

14 731 ms 728 ms 819 ms

15 742 ms 821 ms 900 ms []

Trace complete.

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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Still getting this. Any sort of useage and my ping goes through the roof.


Thats even just browsing to a web page, VOIP phone, gaming is basicaly impossible.


Right now my broadband connection is useless to me as I cant actualy use it for anything.


This has been going on for over a month now and although I've had BT Open Reach out and they replaced stuff there's really been no improvement. If something doesnt get sorted soon I'll have to cancell as the service is unuseable.

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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Any chance of a responce from BT here?


BT (india) have reset my profile and I got better speed but now I'm getting disconected instead. To me this feels like a line fault given its been fine for years and only recently started getting issues with profile/discons

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Hi Uzi,


Welcome to the forum.  I can take a look at this for you and try and sort things.


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.  I need this info to read the notes on the fault that our technical team have raised against your connection.




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

********** ref number.



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Re: BB intermitantly High ping times/times out

Still no reply or call from BT!


This is really bad customer service. I've left my work number, work e-mail and home number and no contact on any of these.


Still having issues with discons on incoming phone calls, ping and speed go to heck during the day especially if its hot. IP profile falls through the floor during the day.

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