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Re: BBT on new handsets

As I posted on the 'old' forum, I have managed to login to BT VoIP on my Hero using a 3rd part App and the correct settings, however it would not let me make or receive a call, so there must be something additional that we need.

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Re: BBT on new handsets

Hi Ian


Post what its asking for and ill see if i can help 🙂

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Re: BBT on new handsets

Hi Dragon


Following the instructions on the old forum I could get Sipdroid on the Hero to call out when connected to the hub. Incoming calls ring but then fail I think due to a clash with the hub phone (not too bothered about that). However, when connected to a wifi hot spot or mobile network it fails to register with a timeout. From the forums I had gathered that this was due to the not being a known IP address. I could not see a way around this without rooting the phone and modifying the hosts file (which I dont want to do). Any advice to get it working would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Re: BBT on new handsets

Hi Stuart Its been 2 weeks now. Have you got the answer to the availability of BBT /VOIP apps on the new phones yet. Bob
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Re: BBT on new handsets

Sorry for the delay in my reply Bob 🙂


I asked the question and got this answer in relation to the Broadband Talk on the new Handsets.


BT is currently investigating the different options we have for adding additional applications to both handsets, however we do not have any firm dates of when any of the applications will become available and we cannot currently comment on the applications while they are being developed.


Once any applications are developed they will be available on Android market for the HTC Hero and on Microsoft Marketplace for the HTC Touch 2.


I have asked if any new information becomes available to update me and perhaps I can pass it on here.



Community ModeratorStuartH
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Re: BBT on new handsets

It's not really urgent then? Just that VOIP was one of the MAJOR selling points of BTBBAnywhere. VOIP was the one factor that made it different from every other operator's offer but if it'ds not going to be available and working properly in the next 6 months then people will go elsewhere and opt for the free calling via skype on another network.
Sad really BTBBA was a good idea.
Why do upgrades always come with a downgrade
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Re: BBT on new handsets

Just to get this straight:


"Anywhere" for the time being then is two HTC handsets without VOIP for the time being. To use them Anywhere the user needs a data bolt on, on top of the generous 10MB useage allowance on a million wi-fi spots that everyone who is a BT customer but me can find.


That is to say, the same two handsets that are offered by other SP's at a better rate (no names, no pack drill) + a BB package that is inflated in monthly cost for the user so that he/she can have the use of those same two handsets without VOIP.


Yes, I see it now.



"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: BBT on new handsets

I agree AQ. I can't understand the lack of drive that BT is showing here, surly when looking at the replacement handsets they must have considered the porting of the existing services over to them. I find it hard to understand that if they have a working VOIP on the existing windows phones that they couldn't have tweeked the app to work on win 6.5. on the Touch 2 at least.


It looks more and more likely that they are withdrawing the service by encouraging free take up on the new phones to such a point that they will officially withdraw it and replace it with a paid for app or you have to have the extra data allowance.


Still I use VOIP mainly abroad so if I keep the s620 and only take that abroad it will not only stop me using the data up and being charged the earth, I will still have the functionality I need. Still there has not been an official withdrawal of the service, so what is the contractual position?. Would I be paying for something that was advertised but no longer available. I had better read the small print methinks.

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Re: BBT on new handsets

Glad to read comments from other folk

Was surprised to set up my new Touch2 and not find a whole bundle of BT software

Took me a while to get used to it all on the 620 but, as a package, most of it worked (including VOIP)

I was sold with the BT ideal of community WiFi (Openzone/Fon and voip) but now find I am back in the free world marketplace having to find my own apps to match what I think I need





To keep looking on the bright side of life ....  my Touch and an upgraded Hub/phone arrived the working day after telphone order and was all set up within an hour 

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Re: BBT on new handsets

Hi Stuart.


Sorry for the delay in responding to this, I have been "lurking" waiting to see what would happen.


This appears to me to be a very strange response, BT Broadband Talk is a BT application, one that is very useful to us BTTBA customers who travel.  As such it's appeal would be limited to BT customers therefore I do not understand why you would wish to launch it in the more general marketplace.


One of the main attractions of BTTBA was the ability to choose to use BTBT when roaming, is this something that we have now lost?  (or do we need to use our old handsets when roaming?)


Would it be possible for you to publish whatever configuration information we would need in order to use a third party SIP client on the new handsets?


Looking forward to your response.


Kind regards.



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