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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

I can't speak for the others involved in this thread but on my own part and thanks to Sean for getting me a answer the situation is this.

I recontracted in Feb at a reduced rate and part of the new contract was that I would be upgraded when DSL 2 became available on my line which it now is. Now BT are saying to be upgraded I have to recontract again. So to be blunt the sales person either did not make a note on my account (no suprise there tbh) or he simply lied to get me to recontract in Feb.

I was at the time considering moving my BB as I am sick of the customer service and there inability to make simple notes or apply agreed terms to accounts. Then when you phone back because something did not happen as agreed the person you speak to knows nothing so you have to go through it all again. I spend over 30 mins speaking to a person as my agreed discount had not been applied because they knew nothing about it and after that amount of time expaining something and the person just saying sorry there is nothing I can do gets me quite angry and it angers me that BT's lack of customer service makes me angry. I am not a angry person by nature but the level of frustration trying to explain something that I should not have to explain and getting nowere fast is enough to test anyones patience.

As far as I am concerned BT have broken the terms of the contract between me and them on 2 counts.

1 the applied discount on the first bill of the contract.

2 failure to upgrade my line or supply a reasonable date for the upgrade to take place.

Under these 2 breaches I am within my legal right to cancel the remainder of my contract and change provider.


Take note people. If you have been promised something (even verbally) and it is not carried out you can move provider and if BT try to bill you for the rest of your contract you can counter sue for breach of contract and if you do then kick up a stink about it on your web sites or social network sites. Search engines will soon find it especially if you title it BT Review.

I am quite fortunate in that I work for one of the biggest gaming sites in the world so if I added a product review to that site it would be noticed.

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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Told me when I phoned India that to get the faster speeds after my exchange was upgraded I would have to recontract again.
I have emailed Ian Livingstone, had one phone call so far and they will clarify on Monday.
Will let you know what was said.

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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Good luck with that Brian. Remember though unless you were promised at the time of your last recontract that your line would be upgraded there is little you can do.

There is however some good news. BT are open to discussion at the point you recontract and do have some good deals if you ask. My deal in Feb was option 3 at £15.49 per month for the full term of a 12 month contract so don't be afraid to ask them about there deals but go through the proper department. BB tech support cannnot make you these offers so you have to go through sales.

I should have done this part (hiendsight is a good thing) Make a note of the time, date and the persons name along with the details of the new contract. Then if you have a issue you have all the details to hand.

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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Hi Goody,

Sounds like swings and roundabouts here matey!

You said above that if the verbal contract was breached, you would sue BT for breach of contract.

When you contacted BT and asked for the reduction, did you take note of the date and time and name of sales person you spoke to? Did you ask if they can confirm the changes in writing either by post or e-mail?

When we contacted BT after the new year to renew, the price was £15.49 a month, the same as you. I originally called one department and was offered £17.99 when i was previously paying £15.00 pcm. I was strongly told that the increase was standard - like most things. We took the persons name down, date and time of call and askked for a letter which we received a couple of days later confirming the prices.

SO we thought about it and called to agree the next day and then was told it would be £15.49... I was very confused, did not argue as was cheaper. I will not move supplier due to BT Vision and voip phones. Also other suppliers on a Market 1 exchange are just naff!

So let us know how you get on with any counter claim or maybe just see what the mods can do for you, they have helped me quite a lot!


CG Over An Out
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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Hi CG.

What I actually said was if I don't get it sorted out and leave and BT decide to pursue the cost of the remainder of the contract that I would counter sue for breach of contract and that others should not be afraid to do the same.  I do have a letter regarding the price of the BB on the new contract but upgrade is not mentioned in there even though that was agreed on the phone.

Now I am not a BT hater as a lot of there service is excellent but in some departments there is a lack of honesty and what seems to be a policy of promise anything but keep them signed up to us.This promise of a line upgrade is a prime example.

Another prime example is the new price. £15.49 a month starting from the start of the contract. Well the bill showed up with no discount. SO I phoned up and they said it would start from the next bill and show as credit. Thats great until you look at it. The first 3 months of a discounted 12 month contract is at full price. Meaning to get the full 12 months discount you have to stay for 15 months and that moves you onto a rolling contract so after the first 12 months you are automatically signed up for another 12 months at full price (well 9 after your discount ends)


BT is part of a service industry and puts together these packages to remain competetive in a ever growing market. Customers should not have to fight to get what they are promised by BT

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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Sorry for the double post.

A update for those who are interested 🙂


You have to recontract and there is no way around this. However after a chat with a lovely lady in sales the terms of my old contract are still inplace.

So for me now I am happy as I will get the line upgrade and I still only pay £15 49 pm for option 3. So if your waiting for a upgrade you will need to recontract but don't worry about losing any discounts or deals you have running as they will honour them in the new contract.


Now here is a bit of info that you need to know. If you do not recontract and your line is upgraded and your new speed is over 8 mbps then it will be capped at 8 mbps as that is what you signed up for.


Hope this helps.

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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Maybe I should have read this first !   I was aware that my exchange would be upgraded by end of March and yeserday putting in my phone number it reported that I could get up to 5Mb.  Not fast but much better than the the 3 or 4 it reported previously.  I rang up and renewed my contract expecting to have my line moved to ADSL2+, they were very helpful and even ended up saving me £10 / mth on my total package, heppy days!. However, I am now concerned after finding this htread by accident - how do I find out if the exchange has been upgraded, and how do I tell if my line has been upgraded ?


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Re: BT 21cn a con!!

Would just like my exchange upgraded(any type of upgrade)  to find out if it is a con.

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