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BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE

I have Superfast 2 connected to pfsense via PPPoE. Also connected is a Huawei B525(4g router) with a BT 4g unlimted sim. I'm currently connecting via bridge to pfsense in LAN only mode and using a dual WAN setup which works fine.

I wanted to know if it is even possible to connect the B525 to pfsense via PPPoE. You can configure the setting for pppoe in the b525, but what would the username/pass be?


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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE

Any idea's anyone?

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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE


Are you Load Balancing or failover?

How is your normal broadband connected?

Where are you inputting PPPoE? Isn’t 4G APN not PPPoE?


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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE


Load balancing and failover.

Superfast 2 is connected via hg612 to pfsense via PPPoE

Indeed, 4g is APN but the B525 4g router has a PPPoE option and I wanted to know if it was possible to connect this way to pfsense. The apn settings in b525 auto-populate as expected and I currently just bridge the b525 and connect via a LAN port and the other end goes into a pfsense WAN port. Load balancing and failover work just fine. 

However pfsense on the b525 wan connection is giving me a private IP address in either the 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x range. I have read this could be caused by carrier grade NAT that mobile internet providers sometimes use. So I was wondering if connecting via PPPoE would solve this problem. I've messed with just about every other setting. I've tried a number of PPPoE user/pass combos that both BT and EE use but no luck.

I'm pretty sure this isn't possible anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE

If you are getting a private IP address from the b525, it is operating in router mode rather than bridged as a modem like the hg612. Nothing to do with CGNAT

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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE


Bridge mode is ticked and all the settings cannot be modified on the router because it is in bridge mode. It even displays the message: "In bridge mode, this function will be unavailable."

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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE

@licquorice Interestingly it does display this... 


None of it is true.

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Re: BT 4G Unlimited Data Sim - PPPoE

Thinking about this, PPPoE is a router function not a Modem function and hence is meaningless in the context of bridge mode in any case as the authentication would be carried out by the pfsense not the HG612 or B525. Hence you are authenticating with the pfsense via the HG612 in bridge mode but the B525 is operating in router mode and authenticating with APN.

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