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BT Activation Date Passed - Now Told to Wait a Week for Working Broadband!

Ordered my Unlimited Infinity broadband on the 4th of October and was told that everything would be up and running by midnight of the 11th October. People in my office have warned me with regards to BT being notorious for not following through with activating broadband by the given date, so I called BT on nthe evening of the 11th around 6pm asking if everything was OK and, sure enough, was told everything was going through fine.


Needless to say, it didn't go through fine and this morning I called BT asking when my broadband would be activated. I was told that there had been an 'error on my order' and this would take 2 working days to clear (seriously?!). I was then told that once that is resolved, an engineer needs to go to the box near my property which could be 48 hours after this mysterious error has been removed from my order.


All in all, the representative said this could take a week to basically rejig something on my order, and get a guy to put a wire in a different place in a street box. I've lived in Japan and Hong Kong before, and it's honestly shocking to see the total lack of organisation and ability to follow through on errors as a matter of priority from a company that is supposed to be the nation's flagship telecommunications provider (it took an engineer around 15 mins to come out to get broadband working in bopth countries) . Really disappointed in BT and feel like cancelling the whole thing.

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Re: BT Activation Date Passed - Now Told to Wait a Week for Working Broadband!

Can i just say the same thing has happened to me!


My infinity 2 was supposed to be activated on the 10th, nothing throughout the day then i see a delay message at half 6. I phoned bt right away and was told someone came out to my box but the line hadn't been transferred from talk talk at that point so he couldn't get a tone or something. I agreed to a new date for them to come back out of tomorrow but something didn't feel right so i phoned them up this morning to confirm only to be told that it was all on my notes someone was to come out tomorrow but it didn't go through for some unknown reason. Monday is now the new date i've been given but honestly i'm half expecting that to be messed up aswell. Have to say my first impressions of BT are not great putting it kindly. I was without broadband as they severed my line to talk talk aswell. Thankfully found out i can use bt wifi earlier today so making do with that but the whole thing has become a bit comical. 

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