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BT Appear to be blocking my website

Hi I run a website for my local swimming club, currently it appears all of our members who have their broadband supplied by BT cannot access the website, we have in excess of 250 members, every single person who is having issue accessing our website has been asked and they all use BT, currently we have not found any member using BT that can access the website but ALL non BT customers can access the site fine at all times.


If the BT customers manually change their network settings to use the Google primary and secondary DNS settings ( and they can then access our website perfectly every time, if they then change it back to automatically find DNS (use BT's again) they again cannot access the website.


This issue started while I was on holiday during August when the website disappeared for all users and a fish website appeared in its place, I contacted the domain name host company who sorted out the issue and the website re appeared with the BT issue.


During the past 2 weeks I have been trying to resolve the issue, I contacted alphadex who held the domain for us, their response after their technical guys looked into the issue was "your site can be seen anywhere in the world on any device providing it is not connected through the BT London DNS server, you need to contact BT to get this sorted"


I also contacted the company who created the website for us and run it on their server, they also done lots of checks and came up with very similar response.


We discussed options and just to make things easier and to rule out the domain company issue we transferred from alphadex to 123.reg(the website creators use this company a lot and recommended changing to them) this transfer has gone through successfully and we still have the same issue.


I have tried to contact BT but as I am not a BT customer I cannot get through to anyone ( if I put my number in it says not a BT customer if I don’t put my number in it detects it and same again).


My website is


I have searched loads of forums and cannot find the answer.


Hope someone on here can advise how to rectify this issue as I have lots of very unhappy members currently and from my point of view it is BT's issue.






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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

Its BT Wholesale that deal with network routing, and this forum is for BT Retail customers.


Any fault investigation would have to be started by a user reporting the problem to BT Retail to start with, then a full trace could be done.


Perhaps you would like to ask one of your BT users to register on this forum, then it would be possible to ask BT Retail, to progress this with BT Wholesale?


Other forum members may wish to report whether they can see your website. I can see it, but I use OpenDNS, so its not much help.


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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

Nope, cant be seen my me using BT.

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

There's something wrong with your nameservers at

Oops! Your name servers don't all seem to have identical NS records for your domain. This could lead to some visitors not being able to see your site (or seeing it on a different server)! This should be fixed ASAP!

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

@Keith_Beddoe wrote:


Other forum members may wish to report whether they can see your website. I can see it, but I use OpenDNS, so its not much help.


I can confirm the site is visible on OpenDNS.


Changed my DNS back to BT and Safari on a mac returns this:


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 14.47.32.png


Changed back to OpenDNS and it's visible again.

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

Whats configured as your primary DNS server isnt responding to DNS requests :-


Additionally if the DNS servers have recently been moved there is a 48 hour TTL on the domain entry. 

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

You say you transfered to, which is waht a Whois seach shows, but your NS recordes seem to be still held by your old provider Alphadex.


If you have acces to your control panel you may be able to reset the MX records to ponit to the correct name server. I assume are also providing the web hosting service?


Once this is resolved all should then work correctly!

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

If the name servers are still with the old provider, it would be through their console that the A record would need to be re-created, not through 123-reg.  All you'd be able to do through 123-reg right now will be renew the domain, transferring it out and changing the name servers, not modifying any domain records.


But yes, re-entering the details in the A records, not MX they are the mail records, may well help the servers that aren't picking up the details to get them this time.


If you do go into the domain records, if you could take a note of the TTL for the record, just in case it doesn't get picked up by certain servers again.  Checking on was showing a few servers not picking it up, BT's London server being one of them.  Hopefully re-entering the details will get them to propagate correctly.

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Re: BT Appear to be blocking my website

Hi All

thank you for your responses and advice, I logged on to my 123reg CP and sure enough the name severs were still set to look at the old Alphdex NS, I have now set these to the 123reg servers and pointed the A records to the IP address of my website.


This was done yesterday afternoon so not 24 Hours ago yet, using whatsmydns I now see I am connecting through the London sever so I think I may be on the way to fixing the issue, I have had a 1 person say they can now access the site from a BT ISP but still have many saying they can't, hopefully this will sort its self out with the 24-48 hours propagation.


When I first changed the NS I noticed the A records had an IP address I did not recognise at all, this turned out to be the 123reg own website IP address, I then changed it to my websites IP address, I have had some members contact me to say they access the 123reg website when trying to access the bluefins website again hopefully will sort itself in 24-48 hours.


One thing I did notice, if I try to ping I get 4 timed out with the correct IP address, is this to do with the 24-48 hour wait?


Any other advice? 


Can you all check as you did earlier to see what results you get now and post please.


I will reply again to close the thread if it all work or for more advice.






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