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BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Just logged into the BT site and have a message saying we must return some equipment asap. Clicking view details states they are requesting we return the YouView+ box from BT.

Why? All a google search shows me are results for people who have quit BT but we have not. 

Some state I will be charged. 

Anyone able to elaborate long story short 

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

I believe if your in contract still and cancelled you will need to return. If however you've completed your contract and cancelled then you don't need to return it. They ask to return due to some EU regulations regarding disposing of old unwanted electronic equipment. 

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

If you cancelled because of the price increase I believe, having read the T&C's that you DO NOT need to return the box.

See section 17f here

17c says you have to pay if you cancel less than 12 months into the contract but section 17f confirms that 17c is void if 17f applies.


Yours to keep. Unfortunately the BT staff I have spoken to on the phone seem to be unaware of this.


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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

We are still in contract, have not cancelled and don’t plan on cancelling 

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?


Out of curiosity I just logged into MyBT and I have the same message and it's for a Youview box.

Quite odd really as I only took out the TV contract 5 weeks ago.

Hopefully a mod will appear & find out/explain what is going on.

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

I had just renewed (new 18 month contract) and started to get the letters (multiple), return packaging in the post and multiple emails. Help line said to ignore it, he also said he would put some note on the account to the issue and advise given to ignore it.


Even getting them after a replacement 4k box due to the original going faulty.


Poor form though.



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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Good morning guys,

Thanks for posting.

Strange issue!  Let me ask the question to find out if something is amiss.  It's unlikely I'll get a reply today we are probably looking at the start of next week.  I'll reply when I hear word back.



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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Same issue for me. Canceled over phone, confirmed that I do not need to return or pay for the YouView box. Now the order status says return or you will be charged! 

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

I renewed my 18 month contract last week. After confirming several times the cost and services provided would not change put down the phone. Within minutes received a email welcoming me to BT (been with them for over 10 Years) then a second email asking me to return my complete wi-fi disk?

Rang BT was told that it was a mistake and to ignore the email. Now shows on mybt Disk needs to be returned asap and received a returns bag through the post?

Largest communications company in the UK who appear to have a problem with their communication??????

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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Because of a price increase I cancelled my BTTV contract on 17 June 2019 and the person I spoke to confirmed that because of the period I was on contract that the box would not have to be returned. However today when I went online to check my account there is a message saying that I need to return the box. I therefore phoned BT and again they confirmed, yet again, the box does not have to be returned. So why the message? it would seem that the parts of BT that need to communicate about this matter do not. When are BT going to get their act together? I have raised a formal complaint about this issue but will not be holding my breath that it will result in any changes to procedures.

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