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BT Basic Email forwarding - keeping BT landline?


Living in a rural spot, BT has never provided the broadband speed of 30mb promised. Openreach has 'no plans' to introduce FTTP in the area.

County Broadband is now running an FTTP service to our property at 300mb (same price as BT) but the question is, how to keep BT Mail without the extortionate monthly fee of £7.50

It seems that even if I keep a landline package without broadband that I lose the email addresses. Sadly, the BT Basic Free (Web only) does not even allow you to set up forwarders.

Any ideas to avoid the eye watering £7.50 monthly fee?

This morning there was an interesting program suggesting OFCOM may engage as email is now probably more of ones identity than a mobile number. Even if BT provided a free forwarding service if you had a landline package, that would be something as a gesture.


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Re: BT Basic Email forwarding - keeping BT landline?

If you know and trust somebody who has a BT Broadband account you could have your account associated to their broadband account. This would allow you to keep the email account as it is, however you would not be able to set up any new email addresses.

You would also need to make sure that you have the account "gifted" to you and you set up your own BTID in order to manage it or the person whose broadband account you are associated to would be able to access your email.

See link

The other option is to set up a non ISP email address such as gmail and move your email to that. It will be a pain to do but you will only have to do it once and you won't be tied to an ISP just because of your email address.

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