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BT Basic Package

Currently trying to apply for the BT basic package with no joy - although I am on Universal credit (without zero earnings).

I'm on my 2nd application form, as the 1st one apparently did not find it's way back to BT!

I posted the 2nd application form back to BT on 12/01/21, using there envelope provided - Although I keep getting told I should of sent it recorded/registered post, surely if BT want that used they would provide the relevant means for it to happen.  So far BT has not received this form back to them.

With this process they downgraded my line in December, which when completed I had noticed I've been put on a new contract! No one can tell me why?

Then to add insult to injury, my Jan bill was for £34.63, when I had been paying £31.35 for the previous months - again no one can tell why the bill was higher, as kept telling me nothing has changed with my current package - confused!

All I want to do is get away from BT now, as this has become such a ongoing nightmare, and as especially can't afford the £31.35 or £34.63 each month for current package - and got no chance to be able to find the £465.22 to termination the new contract I did not ask for!

So apparently I have to wait until the 2nd Feb, as this is the unconfirmed date for the 'go live' of Basic Package!! 

Feeling like I am currently being held hostage by BT  - it is such a great offer from BT to assist people in my situation, it's just a nightmare throughout the application process - where online or scanning documents could make the whole process easier for everyone - saving on all the communication, especially the telephone calls!! But that can't happen as the application form has to be passed to the DWP for checking!

Thanks for letting me bend your ears! 


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