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Re: BT Basic, a rant!

Thankyou I will try this,  much appreciated. 

Note:  Many of the  residents where I worked have the same problem and are all Elderly so will pass this onto them too



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Re: BT Basic, a rant!

Hi Dennis0461,


I wonder, if you had any success. I am in a similar situation, have been trying to get my mother to be registered with BT Basic since July 2020. We have completed the form more then 10 times and even provided copies of confirmation from the Department for Work and pensions. However, every time the application would be rejected based on the fact that BT could not confirm the information. It is really a beggars belief, as we have also contacted the Department for Work and Pensions and they told us that they had no communication from BT. 

The BT Basic customer service is extremely rude and unprofessional, they actually told my elderly mother that she is not entitled to Pension Credit which cause her enormous stress. I also lodged numerous complaints and up to now heard nothing. At the moment, I have an outstanding issue with the Ombudsman.


So, I hear your rant! 🙂

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Re: BT Basic, a rant!

the application procedure has now changed as per attached link

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Re: BT Basic, a rant!

Hi Alexbest,

  Guess what, got my BT deal changed and instead of my broad band and phone my monthly costs  have now dropped to

  Just over £33.99  per  month>  Broad band package  with 700 minutes calling plan  to any UK land line or UK Mobile  any time.    So my 3 monthly bill will be £101.97 as opposed to my previous package which usually came in at over £275.00 a quarter. To achieve this I opted for the most basic broad band package , no bells or whistles so to speak of , no super broad band speed .  An absolute basic package. I will look at " MY BT"  to get the name of my package, that said I have spoken to several people who have an even cheaper package!!       good luck and keep safe.


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